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Disassociating the message from the speaker. Is it really appropiate?

Many TED viewers have stated that we should only focus on the message given by the speaker and not mind the speaker's background. In the case of Emiliano Salinas his father's background and his affiliation to the cult group NXIVM stand out.

I think that in order to understand a speech, its consequences and relevance you should also consider the speakers background and the context. Specially if the speaker is calling to civil action in a complex situation like the war on drugs in Mexico...

What is your take on this?


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  • Jul 5 2011: I think that as long as the spekar is sending a good message and if you can take something with you after the speech or presentation, it really doesnt matter, its what you take as experience and new points of view to improve yourself and those arround you what matters.

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