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who built Giza Pyramid?

HISTORY:Giza Pyramid in Egypt was built before 4500 years with
3 million blocks of polished granites weighing from 2 tons to 200 tons.

My view:
Giza pyramid, like a space craft came from alien planet or system to the earth.
And it inserted on the surface of the flexible rock .The visitors looked like
A mixed version of cow & bull.The visitors created human being in the pyramid
And they used pyramid as a laboratory.They took certain animals and other creatures
For their research. They transferred their brain into the newly created .


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    Jul 9 2011: I'm unconvinced that it was anything other than human ingenuity and drive. People can accomplish anything given enough focus and ambition..
  • Jul 4 2011: I appreciate your view.By the evidence of researchers it is said that "The technique of Psycho-Kinesis is adopted for the movement of heavy loads which could measure in tons.The purpose of making people by ancient people is "A part of life form which does not undergo any change but brings the changes in environment with the interaction.The word ‘Pyramid’ in Greek is made up of two words – Pyr = Fire or Heat or Energy – and Amid = middle or center or nucleus.For further details i suggest you to visit http://www.gizapyramid.com/kirti.htm
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    Jul 4 2011: I believe the pyramids were built by humans. We should not think about physical strenght of human of what now it is. I don't have the source but I have heard many times that humans in the past used to be very strong of than what we see now.Polished granites weighing from 2 tons to 200 tons which now looks impossible to carry might have been very easy in the past.

    Lets see the great chinese wall. If we think now, We might think it is impossible but it is made by humans.So I believe it is only humans remains & no other story.
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    Jul 4 2011: I believe pyramids were built by humans. Being built before 4500 years does not necessarily mean that civilization of that time was behind than that of later. Besides, pyramid shape is natural for people to build. Ask a kid to draw a house, and you will get a picture of a house with pyramid shaped roof. There is a really good reason for building pyramid shaped structures, they keep energy towards their edges. I mean that, if there is a steel pyramid and electric current is applied to it, most of the charge would be at the edges.
    Also, there is a good logical contradiction about pyramids being a lab from space. If those visitors were so smart to be able to create a human being in the lab, why they have so energy inefficient huge spaceship-lab made out of stone.
  • Jul 4 2011: Giza.

    NAH! Just kidding!
    Was Kufu(Queops) 2550 b.C
    Builded by the development of an architectural technique and moved only by slaves / subjects