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Our modern societies still need feminism

It is undeniable that the great feminist movements of the 20th century have come and gone and have left in their wake an impressive shift towards gender equality. But has it been enough? Are we really there yet or does the 21st century need to see more feminist movements in order to see gender equality become a tried and true facet of our societies.

Let's hear some arguments for or against the current proposition "Our modern societies still need feminism". Let's also hear arguments for what would and what wouldn't be appropriate for a 21st century feminism.


Closing Statement from Matthieu Miossec

Whether we agree that our modern societies still need feminism or not, it is clear that the issue is still a hot topic. I greatly encourage everyone to read some of the exchanges of this debate, particularly those which include Andrea Grazzini Walstrom's insight.

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    Jul 19 2011: Does gender play a role? Some of my feminist friends would be dancing on their seats... The ones that do not discriminate because of gender, would think...what has this got to do with it....
    In my opinion diversity is the answer, the spice that drives original thinking.

    "People need to stick together to win, they simply need to identify their goals, pursue them with passion, and embrace the concept of community."

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