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Our modern societies still need feminism

It is undeniable that the great feminist movements of the 20th century have come and gone and have left in their wake an impressive shift towards gender equality. But has it been enough? Are we really there yet or does the 21st century need to see more feminist movements in order to see gender equality become a tried and true facet of our societies.

Let's hear some arguments for or against the current proposition "Our modern societies still need feminism". Let's also hear arguments for what would and what wouldn't be appropriate for a 21st century feminism.


Closing Statement from Matthieu Miossec

Whether we agree that our modern societies still need feminism or not, it is clear that the issue is still a hot topic. I greatly encourage everyone to read some of the exchanges of this debate, particularly those which include Andrea Grazzini Walstrom's insight.

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  • Jul 11 2011: I think it is only right that women experience fairness in terms of being given non-accumulated, short term compensated absences for having children. The natural birthrates in some Western countries are atrocious. The middle class needs to be making more babies, not less. That won't happen without less discouragement from some employers.

    What's the point in nesting our grounds without being able to naturally generate our own baby chicks?

    Employers need to consider their agendas with an understanding of human nature, not a bias against it.

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