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A recycle can that pays you for your recycled materials.

What if there were simple lo-tech recycle cans that could pay you for recycling? Instead of having to go to recycle facility you simply place the materials you would like to recycle into the can and a computer could weight them and pay you a few cents for your contribution. So tell me TED community, do you think a paying recycle can would at least foster some recycling spirit in the average person?

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    Jul 8 2011: Hell yeah...
    It works for the airport trolleys !
  • Jul 3 2011: This is a nice idea.In India there are some waste marts where we used to sell our old newspapers and other plastic materials and get money.The mart people will recycle those items and again bring them to market.This is developing a problem in "increasing the production of low quality items".But instead of implementing the machine for recycling process,it must be implemented to convert it into fossil fuels.If this is implemented then the machine will be useful otherwise this might cause a problem in developing the low quality product items which will develop a major problem in increasing global environmental effects.....