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Private property rights.

Should a private property owner (specifically commercial in this debate) be able to decide who can or cannot enter his/her land? In America, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 federally prohibited segregation or discrimination based on sex, gender, ethnicity, etc.. But is it right that those who rightfully own land are forced to allow everyone to use it? Keep in mind that this is not a debate over racism or sexism, it is merely an inquiry on the rights a property owner has.


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    Jul 3 2011: I apologize for replying to everyone's comments but I feel responsible as the curator of this debate board to debate! Thank you all for your input, I really do enjoy learning the other side of it all (even if I sound stubborn or defensive). I'm new to TED and I'm just so happy to have a tool where people can put their opinions on the table and discuss them with others in a civilized manner.

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