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Private property rights.

Should a private property owner (specifically commercial in this debate) be able to decide who can or cannot enter his/her land? In America, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 federally prohibited segregation or discrimination based on sex, gender, ethnicity, etc.. But is it right that those who rightfully own land are forced to allow everyone to use it? Keep in mind that this is not a debate over racism or sexism, it is merely an inquiry on the rights a property owner has.


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  • Jul 3 2011: If they are allowed to prohibit people based on a quality, then you run into the problems that caused the Civil Rights Act to be passed in the first place. If it's a commercial property that we're talking about, then why shouldn't everyone be allowed to use it, unless they are infringing on the rights of others? Since it's commercial property, then he'd be making a profit on those using that land, which is the purpose for establishing that commercial enterprise in the first place. Is this in the direction you were looking for?
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      Jul 3 2011: That's exactly my point. Shouldn't the property owner have the right to exclude whomever he/she wishes? He/she does own the land after all. Because he is federally mandated to allow anyone onto his business, his rights as a property owner are being infringed upon. Who he decides to let on or off his land is beyond the point. If a land-owner refuses to allow others onto his land then he can only be hurting himself profit-wise but it should be up to him nevertheless. Forgive me if this sounds over-the-top it's just difficult to argue for something so controversial. Me being a libertarian, I believe strongly in the rights of property owners.Thank you for your answer though. You make some good points.

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