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Do politicians and baby-boomers appreciate and understand the role the youth/young adults will play in the future of the world?

It seems to me that politicians pander to the youth, to gain their vote. After all, every vote counts, right? It would also seem that politicians, and the older demographic, such as baby-boomers don't always appreciate or respect the opinions of a generation that will, inevitably, replace them.

I dont mean to sound anti-baby-boomer at all. But, rather than ignoring our interests. I am currently 23, and am pursuing my passion for photography. In my field and from my experience having worked for others, or with others as equals, I am often seen as a child. Even after being hired, people sometimes seem a little surprised by my age. I dont let this bother me, and I am not whining. My friend has been running his own landscaping business for 5 years on his own, and goes through the same hassles, yet pleases every single client, just as I aim to do.

Currently I am becoming interested in getting involved in my local area government, and trying to help with new ideas on revitalizing the small waterfront town to which I just relocated. A town with a 1 block downtown, amazing waterfronts which are not being taken advantage of by businesses at all. The town is being given stimulus money, and I am trying to (along with others in the older age range) to push for the use of green materials, and incorporating technology into the way the town brings in revenue.

I know a lot of people of my generation who care about these issues. Who all want to actually change the way the worlds energy, and economic systems work. A generation which has grown into the technological world, and for the most part have grown up in a recession. A generation which has grown up in a completely different world than our parents, and grandparents. One day we will be elderly, and we won't be talking about stickball.

Do any other young adults feel like their voice is being ignored in the political environment? What steps can we take to be heard, and influence our local and regional area?


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    Jul 8 2011: Do you remember the mess the Boomers made of the 60's?
    How the heck could a group if immature mal-contents say they understand responsibility?
    Nope! I dont think the youth is learning to take their place as the leaders.
    They are learning to listen to the Speaker.

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