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Is solidity just an illusion of two identical bodies at constant phase interfering with each other ?

if two identical matter waves interfere to give a wave which is identical to the original one or a stationary one then a person observing the final won't see them as separate bodies emitting energy but a single stationary wave.
As wave - matter exists simultaneously then the above observation should be valid for matter too thus giving a illusion of solidity but not the reality ..

  • Jul 28 2011: Is Solidity just an illusion most people would thing so .
    Not do I believe is not . We have block off our our emitting energy making what is called a puff of therefore changing the order Then amount that the transmitter make is seen though it's own waves.. Let keep in mind there are more two try 6 to 7 but no more than 10 The higher we get a group the more others will see and we experiinside this King engery himself.
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    Jul 28 2011: Vibrating strings as Michio Kaku theorized?