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Do many people have to act open-mind?

I think that shaking and attracting one's mind is more difficult to moving a big mountain. It's hard to pursuade mom's mind to let me play computer games more.
Open Sourse, Wikipedia, Collective Intelligence is a good example of current society. Everybody seems to getting equal.

In the open-soursed case, It must be differnet between one that I did it for my self eventually and the other that I did it for our whoel society. even though that's a course of open soursed way.
furthermore, If this phenomenon becoms wide, there can be less equal world than we execute it.

What do you think ? I'd like to you guys keen critics and open opinon for my thinking and my awkward english skill

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    Jul 22 2011: Jin-Kwang, we can transform our world, if we all keep an open mind to understand and an open heart to care, and translate all these into concrete actions.

    Edit: You can find more details at http://Bit.Ly/ThePowerInfo. I organize my ideas in this site.
  • Jul 22 2011: Hi Jin-Kwang Im

    l want to speaking and commenting

    But my english not enough..

    only l trying to understand all comments