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What should be done about the world food crisis?

According to the World Bank, the globe is facing a food crisis. This means that less and less people have "secure food" and prices around the world will continually rise. What can the world do to help the cause? What can you do individually?


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    Jul 4 2011: In a gesture that seems "UI wash my hands" the exagerated US consume of meat for hamburguers has done a very great damage in all the agricultural world. Vary large areas to farming human food has used to cattle food changing not just the regular basis of farming, agriculture or food systems but a very disbalanced rates in human health. The US has the highly amount of fat people and all the diseases from that disorder. One US citizen could eat large quantities of meat, bread, fruit and vegetables sufficient to feed a family in other countries each week. The control of aliments and the codex alimentarius ordered from the US and the UN rules the food system. Is not a simple question of how we can deal with the "crisis". The World Bank appears in scene to justify the financial procedures from the codex alimentarius and the US have the power to open or close the gates and regulate the whole food system. The "aid" is just a smoke screen
    to elude the real scenario and take the consequences. In a deep dump the legislators in US (some of they) received big money from the food system companies (Unilever, Nestle) to keep the track and remain untouchables. Mister Barrios you have the civil obligation to study better this subject that you put in the table. Please dont elude this. And if you dont know about dont assume weak positions to claim ignorance. I note your response to our respectable friend Salim and you are not playing fare.
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      Jul 4 2011: I am not eluding this. We have the same ideas. I never aligned myself with the world bank nor did I commend the US in it's food aid policies. You sir are being the disrespectful one. The government in the United States IS corrupt. I know it. I did study the subject. By asking I am learning as well. That's how it works, right? Look back at my comment on Salim's. I was not being sarcastic or rude. I was being grateful and reverent. I find it ridiculous that I have to defend myself this way but even more ridiculous that an adult such as yourself could be so immensely rude and myopic.

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