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What should be done about the world food crisis?

According to the World Bank, the globe is facing a food crisis. This means that less and less people have "secure food" and prices around the world will continually rise. What can the world do to help the cause? What can you do individually?


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    Jul 2 2011: Stop food politics.
    Stop using food as weapon.
    Stop wastage of food.
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      Jul 3 2011: I agree with you. Many of America's foreign aid goes to food in third world countries. The American people/government don't seem to realize that once the food gets there, it's in the hands of a political party. Usually the political party in power is only in party because of the food they control. It's a sad, sad thing.
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        Jul 3 2011: Hi John, thanks for your awareness but there are more,

        In my country most US aid comes as food aid (?) though we are almost self sufficient in food !

        This aid does not mean it's free really (we don't want as well) , it's actually loan not aid with lots of strings attached.

        Last not least timing of food loan ..... mostly come just before Farmers starts harvesting .....sure I am you understand what that mean ....

        Well the issue is a global one , so don't want to focus on US only.

        I was in oil rich Middle East for sometime, was shocked watching the huge wastage of food during each meal by citizens over there, while just beside them Sudan ,Yemen, Ethiopia, Somalia etc have lot of starving people, everyday !!!

        Wasting food is a symbol of luxury & affluence there !
        What disgusting psyche it is !!!
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          Jul 3 2011: I wasn't aware. That's horrible! Thank you for letting me know Salim. This only strengthens my political views regarding international intervention.
          You said that there are strings attached. Can you explain that to me?

          (EDIT: I was not trying to be sarcastic or rude. My comments are always genuine. I do not assume that others can sense sarcasm in plain text. Just to clear it up.)
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          Jul 4 2011: Salim its my pleasure to salute you. This is a unfair play with a subject very strong and serious. And painfull for some participants. A lack of respect is present in some answers and the ignorance and complete absence of real information is around here.
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          Jul 4 2011: The same is for Northern Africa. We just don't call it aid, we call it food dumping.

          The prices of EU food exported there are below local production costs, meaning pushing farmers out of business, meaning EU dependency on food, meaning Northern Africa people are forced to go and look for a life/work in EU.

          This is solvable, for the good of Northern Africa and EU, but takes some effort in bravery and integrity.
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        Jul 3 2011: Signore Barrios, why you affirmed that things? How do you know that?, Have you been in the" third world" to see and confirm your point of view? Or is just your opinion?

        Do you know, by real means that the situation in the" third world" is what you describe?.

        Are you in the first world, or in the second world?. Which are they?.

        Really do you believe that in other countries are expecting the "aid" from America. What kind of aid is that and what America is on your mind? ...The US? Theres another Americas Central and South america....What means America as a name?...Let me remind you that America is named by Amerigo Vespucci an italian capitano and explorer in the XVI century.
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          Jul 3 2011: I have not been to the third world, sir. I know what I know based on facts and figures through research. It would be unfortunate if everyone were expected to experience the knowledge they learn. You don't have to stand on Mars to know it is there. I know what the term "third world" means. I live in a first world country (http://www.nationsonline.org/oneworld/third_world_countries.htm/). By America (notice that it is singular) I am referring to the United States of America. I am not implying that other countries expect aid from the US, it is a fact that they receive it. In this discussion, "aid" refers to food.
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        Jul 4 2011: Hi John, just check the link below........ you also can find lot more resource like this, had a long discussion on this issue in other thread here. To prove my comment I can be biased in my examples , so check more sources, this is just one example.


        Have a good day
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        Jul 4 2011: Thanks Jaime, for your compliment. Understand what you mean. I actually couple of times in some of my posts referred your concern which is so true here in many instances.

        Let's give a try together that's my motto to change.
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        Jul 4 2011: Hi Paul that's a better naming "Food Dumping" !!!
        As usual you came up with your great thoughts.

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