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what qualifies as an authentic culture? are some cultures more authentic than others?

I ask this from the perspective of a young african woman living in the era of globalization. This conversation started when a friend of mine told me that the choreography that I had prepared for our annual african cultural show for Michigan State University was not "authentic African" dance. This eventually translated other aspects of what it means to have an authentic culture, from the way we are raised, to the languages we speak, to how we must avoid the influence of the western world. I believe that there is no such thing as an authentic culture, and that it is much more productive to open ourselves to others and absorb the good things that exist within others. I am open to anyone who can explain to me where I've gone wrong in my understanding of authenticity and I look forward to your answers


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  • Jul 4 2011: I dare to say there is no authentic culture. Everything is based in something.
    Take music by example. Or american culture that was strongly influenced by imigrants' culture(Europe, Japan, Africa, Mexico).
    Everything is a remix.
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      Jul 4 2011: you just summed up exactly what I'm thinking. There is no such thing as authenticity, and just as josh S said, "true "authentic" culture in the modern world are more or less just best guesses at what the cultures used to be for the purpose of entertainment and/or tourism."

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