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Alright everyone, what big and crazy or small, sustainable things will you try for 30 days?

Matt Cutts said, "Think about something you've always wanted to add to your life and try it for the next 30 days. It turns out, 30 days is just about the right amount of time to add a new habit or subtract a habit ... from your life."

What will you do?

This conversation is open for 30 days ;)

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    Jul 2 2011: My plan, starting today (since July has 31 days): Eat a different kind of vegetable every day. Potatoes count.
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    Jul 25 2011: Has anyone done the Tumblr 30 days writing challenge? It starts by writing 15 facts about yourself, concludes with 'What have you learned about yourself in the last month?' on day 29 and 'Who are you?' on day 30. Recommend it to anyone who wants to gain insight into themselves or simply writes for fun. This is the greatest thing about keeping a blog: writing your diary with the desire to be overheard.
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    Jul 2 2011: I am going to try and learn a new word everyd day for the next 30 days , i think this is a pretty good idea.
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    Jul 4 2011: appreciate each moment with my 1 yr. old (Play more!)
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    Jul 10 2011: Day 23. Hi, today I decided to check a older one, but one of the best ever!!!
    still rocking my mind!!!
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      Jul 11 2011: It's one of the "10 must watch" according to TED on Facebook.
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        Jul 12 2011: Nice....indeed!! Tell me about another one in this list, maybe there is something to see!! ;)
  • Jul 4 2011: Appreciate more.

    By appreciating what I have more, I decrease my want of new material goods. This means I'm less likely to buy stuff, which, in general, is better for the planet.

    By not increasing my wants I also save my money to grow my company, which will donate money to green causes.

    Increasing appreciation is also scientifically proven to make us happier. Happy people probably tend to help others become happier, and all these people, because they are happier, are more likely to think about saving the planet, which will also, most likely, help save the planet.

    PS: This thread rocks!!!!
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    Jul 3 2011: I'm going to use cash for my purchases for the next 30 days.
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      Jul 2 2011: Hey, I liked that one. I´m gonna try to listem to a new TED talk every day, and leave a comment here!
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    Jul 24 2011: I'll learn how to draw caricatures ????:)
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    Jul 11 2011: no TV for 30 days. It's been a week s far and i really don't miss it!
  • Jul 11 2011: My blog partner and I do something new every month. At the beginning of a year, we come up with 6 new things each, then we have to try all 12 over the course of a year. It is great, because you get to try things you may never have thought of yourself, and you have someone to do everything with. We blog for fun and for accountability. This month is "Memorize and recite a classic poem." Check out what we are up to at
    It's fun to see what other people are doing for 30 days here too.
    thanks! Melissa
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      Jul 12 2011: That's a great project and fun to read! What was the most interesting/challenging/fun experience so far?
      • Jul 13 2011: Hi Simone. I replied, but the comment ended up a few comments above this spot. Hope you find it and thanks again for checking out our blog!
      • Jul 13 2011: Thank so much, Simone! Sometimes it is the anticipation of something I am afraid of, like our up coming backpacking month. But so far, one of my favorite months was Yoga month, where I discovered a love for Bikram yoga. It was inspiring, motivating, life-changing and totally a surprise. One of the most challenging was making my own dress, from a pattern. I hated the sewing, but that was over a year ago, and I still get compliments on the dress whenever I wear it.
        Thanks for checking out my blog! And so glad you enjoy reading it...
        You could memorize a poem with us, I find the hardest part of that so far is choosing one and sticking to it.
        -Melissa (I copied and posted it here, so hope you get a chance to see it!)
  • 徐 雯

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    Jul 10 2011: i am an english learner, speak english fluently is one of my dream, but sometimes learning english is boring, i can't keep study every day . after watching this i want to join the 30-day plan, i'll study english two hours every day for a month.
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      Jul 11 2011: Why not just commit to discussions on TED for an hour a day, every day. We will all help you and it will be more fun!
  • Jul 8 2011: Everyone should try incorporating exercise into their daily routine (if they are able) such as to and from work, or part thereof.

    This is truly sustainable. Going to the gym is often predicated on availability after all the 'important' stuff, like your career, is taken care of. I get the train to work but have to walk to the station first. The upshot? You feel better, fitter and are therefore more likely to commit to 'that gym membership' later. Looking back at my youth I feel bad that I could even get out of bed before 11am - now I get up before five to make the walk and feel better for it! Who would have thought...

    I am constantly disappointed by people I know who drive their cars short distances purely out of habit, like 200m to get milk. If you're able then make it a habit, not a chore!

    Humans were never meant to be so reliant on technology, such as cars... We have to take into account this basic, everyday fact to begin to be truly sustainable once more.

    One last point: don't rest from your fitness routine on Saturday or Sunday. These are perfect days to exercise as they are 'days off' to most people. Instead, have a rest on Tuesday and Thursday when your middle of the week morale is at its lowest and you actually could do with an early night...
    • Jul 11 2011: Your final suggestion made me think, because I am one of those who have a rest during the weekend instead of during the week.

      Let me just share with you something about your idea about having to drive 200m to get something: I believe that some people are convinced that sports and exercise should be done strictly at gyms and using any sort of exercising equipment or machines. This leads to a hardness to realise that exercise is not using equipment, but to move, to walk, to run, to pick something and leave the other side of the street.
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    Jul 6 2011: I have two ideas:

    1) Get my TV connected to the internet, and watch a Ted Talk each day with my family.

    2) Measure my waist each night. If it is above target, the next day is a low carb and exercise day. Set reasonable targets.
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      Jul 11 2011: From a fitness and health stand point, there are many things wrong with your second challenge. I do not say that to be negative, but informative. If you would like I would be more than willing to explain the reasons to you and help you develop a better plan.
    • Jul 11 2011: Your idea number 1) seems very pedagogical.
      In my opinion it is very important to at least keep in mind that television is not only for silly or addictive entertainment, but is a tool to learn and improve. I am considering this idea as well...
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      Jul 12 2011: Number 1 rocks!!!
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    Jul 6 2011: I'm doing Bikram yoga this July! On day 6 now. :)
    • Jul 6 2011: Hi Rhea, what is Bikram yoga? Sounds new to me. :)
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  • Jul 5 2011: Give a praise everyday
  • Jul 3 2011: I have two projects for the month of July:

    1. Go to a place I've never been before and I probably would never get to if it wasn't for the "project" every day.

    2. Pretend that my current job is my dreamjob. (It isn't, but I am curious if that change of attitude will have an impact.)
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      Jul 10 2011: Sophie, how is it going so far? I am really interested in your second project, have you already felt an impact based on your change of attitude?
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      Jul 11 2011: Sophie,
      I am also interested in how the positive attitude is working out. I ask because I have been doing the same thing and it has made it easier to get out of bed in the morning, I get on with my collegues alot better and I achieve so much more in the day. I might even say I have become dedicated and loyal to my work place.
  • Jul 28 2011: Pic or video of the most creative moment of the day, people solving problems or accomplishing something in a different way! Lets see if I/they are up for the challenge!
  • Jul 27 2011: I joined Weight Watchers with my wife. My next goal is to learn to play the guitar.
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    Jul 15 2011: i started not visiting any kind of fun web site cause i waste my time on there.... its day 3, working totally fine! LET'S KEEP OUR MOTIVATIONS!!
  • Jul 14 2011: It's just a small thing but I have a bad track record of keeping at things so baby steps. I'm doing 30 sit ups a day for 30 days. I'm on day 6 so far.

    At the same time I'm watching at least 1 TED talk a day for 30 days. But that's not hard.

    My first TED comment Woo :D
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    Jul 13 2011: Thanks to a friend, Bob Merckel, a group of 30 Dayers have just started here:
    We are walking, looking, writing, swimming, running, taking photos, meditating, giving up bread... and generally being wonderfully conscious : )
    Big thanks to Matt Cutts.
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      Jul 13 2011: So... After checking your profile Adam, I must say that I find both of your comments FUBAR...

      Edit: What's funny is that I only thought him a fool, now I see he is a powerful one! :P
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    Jul 11 2011: I have started positive thinking in all aspects of my life. Any time I feel a negative thought popping up to spoil my day I simply turn it around and find the positive in any situation even if it is that something has been a learning experience.
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    Jul 11 2011: Starting this Thursday, on my twenty-third birthday, I will start on a 30 day journey to try something new every day for 30 days.
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    Jul 10 2011: I completely forgot about this...

    Edit: This short talk is about keeping your goals to yourself, Derek says that you'll have a smaller chance of achieving them if you talk about them... What's everyone's thoughts on that?
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      Jul 11 2011: I am not sure what to think about this Jimmy. I remember considering it when I saw the talk. I wonder how much actual research went into his assertions. I do see his point but I also think that confiding in others helps to cement our resolve if we are really interested in doing it but teetering.
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        Jul 11 2011: Yeah, I'm a bit skeptical towards the amount of research that went into it as well... I've also been thinking that there might be a huge difference between simply saying it and putting it in writing on TED.

        Might there also be a difference in what people can prove and what they can't? Will people who say that they will quit smoking have less chance then people who say that they are going to write a novel?
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          Jul 13 2011: The evidence on smoking is clear. People who keep trying eventually win the smoking battle. I think that once you start writing, especially with the broad base of knowledge that you have gained, you will be successful, if not in 30 days- eventually. Believe in yourself!
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        Jul 13 2011: I quit smoking 3 years ago, it took a lot of mental preparation though...
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      Jul 12 2011: Keep all your things to yourself! Naturaly, things come up! I totally agree......Now, about the smoking and novel thing, I have no ideia dude! :)
    • Jul 12 2011: I believe it is a matter of how you get things done and your self discipline. Some people keep their goals to themselves but are slack about holding themselves to it. They wait for when things are a bit better before they start or they tell themselves they can't/shouldn't for various reasons.

      It would be best to try both methods. Some of us feel we haven't accomplished much on our own thus having someone hold us accountable would be better. Though, as he said in the talk, you can't just say your goal; you have to ask them to hold you accountable and know they are someone who will be positive/encouraging (a negative comment near the start will really kill your drive). And vice versa: if you normally tell others your goals but don't do much then keep it to yourself and hold yourself to it
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    Jul 10 2011: I've started running. As a child, I despised it and assumed that state was permanent. Turns out that I LOVE it!!!
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      Jul 11 2011: I have started running more frequently now also. I have to remain fit for the job that I do however I found it very difficult to motivate myself to run alone in my own time. Just recently I decided that I was going to run a half marathon this year and a full marathon next year and I now find myself actually WANTING to go out for a run after work.
      I think that this shows us that if we have a goal to achieve we will always be motivated towards that goal.
      This might help anybody who is struggling to stick at something for 30 days!
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        Jul 11 2011: Yes, it's rather amazing what happens when you do something new - something that you have some good reason to want to do - for a few days and it starts becoming a habit. Today while out for what has now become my daily run (I actually really do more of a run/walk/run rhythm to get my body to agree to this big change), I was amazed to find that I'd run really far without needing to take a break. I'd started thinking about something that distracted me and when I came back into the "real world" I was amazed to find how far I'd gone without noticing or struggling! I'm just loving it.
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          Jul 11 2011: I find that audio books have that same effect
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    Jul 9 2011: Meditation, something that I have been on and off about for the past 6 months, but this will be the month that it sticks. Here's to getting 10 minutes each day of meditating in. Good luck to the rest of you, I read many great ones!
  • Jul 8 2011: I really am considering writing a novel in 30 days! I have always wanted to have a go and saying, just 30 days helps get one over the....yeah he we go, I'll start now....write a page and never do it again!

    For I think it really helps get out of routine, especially if like me you work 9-5. You can just go to work, do your bit there and then find yourself writing a novel or going for a run each night. Seriously great stuff!
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    Jul 7 2011: I'm eating a different meal every night for 30 days. Made the list last night with my housemates :-)
  • Jul 7 2011: I'm going to try every single day to make someone else's day better.

    Also.. I'm going to give up TV for 30 days (except for Big Bang Theory once a week) ;o)
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      Jul 7 2011: Nice, good luck. About it!!! Will be good for you. You got the internet! ;)
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    Jul 6 2011: Giving up TV
    (TED comes via the Internet so that doesn't count :)

    Stopping the mindlessness and passiveness that is associated with being a couch potato.

    Ready to create some difference in my daily life - this will give space for that to emerge...
  • Jul 6 2011: I haven't found my thing yet, but I am going to share this video with people I work with and challenge them to do something new for 30 days!
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    Jul 6 2011: I will pick up and collect rubbish in our local beaches and reserves.
  • WX Z

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    Jul 6 2011: watch a vedio on TED everyday :D count down!
  • Prem D

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    Jul 6 2011: Hi everyone... This is my first post on "TED". Just joined... I've always been intersted in any new idea from anyone... Nice to see that there is such a place to share & listen to new ideas..... and all you wonderful people who encourage each other... Wish you all the very best with all your ideas!!

    For quite sometime I've been trying to reach my workplace early in the morning, so that I can be more effective, but was somehow not able to do it.

    So, with the TED Challenge, I choose to reach my office and start my work by 9:30 in the morning... for the next 30 days..

    And wishing you... all your new choices get fulfilled :)
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    Jul 4 2011: Hello Ted! This is my FIRST TED POST! :D w00 w00!
    Serious Face:
    There are two important factors to take into consideration when bringing up My particular, peculiar, and slightly more intellectual Ted Challenge. Stumbling upon the Ted Talk presenting this idea of the duration and maintenance of this challenge of daily micromanagement and record keeping - appeared before me as I had just embraced that I am a Primate and Research and Knowledge to find Truth are the only priorities I should take serious in my existence. This epiphany took place as I watched a video that I Love plugging nowadays on forum threads. :)

    My challenge is, and has been about for a couple of weeks now, to watch Athene's Theory of Everything on a Day to Day basis, invite others to participate when they have the patience for a documentary - without imposing it upon forcefully - persuasively - and getting myself, and everyone I know, on the topic of something neurological and behaviorally oriented in conversations I participate in.

    I consider this to be a test, of some sort, that clearly has emphasis on raising conscious awareness of myself on a day to day basis. By exposing myself to something that is innate, and easily understood by the chemistry that brought about my existence, I can truly get to know myself better, and be a more pleasant existence tolerated in today's social empire. My brain feels enlightened by the exposure of such wisdom, and it's information that it and I can Understand. Spiritually rofl

    Abstract Concepts taken literally, in minds vulnerable to superstition, especially primates living in the United States, Moreso in the Middle East, ... *sniffle* freedommm one day... but yea.. Athene's Theory of Everything! Check it out. :)
  • Jul 4 2011: Starting August 1, I will learn everyday a new way to save our environment and act accordingly.
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    Jul 4 2011: Rather than drive to the library (one of my favourite places in the world!), I will walk for at least 30 days. I started over a week ago and it feels great!
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    Jul 3 2011: I am in California for six weeks now and I will try to do something I usually don't do every day, e.g. go outside and enjoy the surroundings for no particular reason (normally, I mostly go out when I have a certain task or goal in mind, since there has never been much time to just do things that are not meant for a certain purpose). I will also work on my research projects every day for the next six weeks to try and define their outlines -- even though I'll sometimes end up losing myself in details.
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    Jul 3 2011: I have just openned my mind a little bit more listening to Sir Ken Robbins again! I can´t stop thinking about education today!
  • Jul 2 2011: Well, I would love to each at a different restaurant for each of the following 30 days.
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    Jul 2 2011: 2 weeks ago I started carrying plastic bags to the shop instead of consuming a new one given by the shop!
    - Anyway, too many plastic bags piled up at home. Anyone can do the same, I guess...
  • Jul 2 2011: What about learning 1 new thing every day of the month. Even if its just something that makes you go "Huh, who would've thought that?"
  • Jul 1 2011: Be energy sufficient for 30 days.
  • Jul 1 2011: I try not to drink bottled water in 30 days
  • Jul 10 2011: Regulate my sleeping patterns. Go to bed ay 11pm and get up before 7am. I generally have no problem sleeping (only a problem getting up) - but my go to bed time and getting up time varies dramatically over the week - despite the fact that I work 9-5.30 Mon to Fri. I am interested to see what impact (if any) this will have on my life.
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    Jul 10 2011: How is everyone doing so far? WHen I read all the posts, I thought that those who only had one or two things on their agenda would most likely be more successful than those with a huge list of things. What do you think?

    I think I have been successful so far, I am biking and swimming a lot (which is my current interpretation of "going out for no particular reason at all") and working on my research project (the atmosphere here on campus makes this a very easy thing to do).
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      Jul 11 2011: Hey Simone! My update is that I just bought new walking shoes because I have just passed the 100 km mark in the last 2 weeks to keep my commitment. I had become very senditary after my surgery and getting out walking is really a positive step (so to speak!)
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      Jul 22 2011: Simone! I kept my promise to myself and i have walked to the library at least 5 times a week for a month. That is 8 km round trip and it feels great even now that the heat is over 100 degrees F. Today I bought a sun hat along the route and I plan to keep it up!
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        Jul 22 2011: Hi Debra! That sounds great and I think it is really motivating for others to see that these simple things can work and make a change. I am going swimming every day and enjoying this small break in my daily routine. It really helps me to focus on what's important and to clear my head. The fact that it's summer probably also helps... personally, I think my motivation is higher in the summer. What does everyone else think: does the season play an important role regarding our moods and motivations?
  • Jul 9 2011: I have already started a painting. With the help of my husband I´m painting the sea with some colourful boats. I hope I will finish it by the 6th next month and I will give it to my mother as a present. I am also playing the guitar two hours a day because I want to learn two or three new songs
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    Jul 9 2011: Creativity happens when there’s an unstable situation in when old habits cant be repeated.

    Always working or eroding habits and reconditioning and reconstituting myself.

  • Jul 9 2011: During uni I would give up one thing every April. I'm sorry to say I didnt continue it. Things included....

    1. Beer - which was substituted for other forms of alcohol (a small bend in the rules)
    2. Chocolate - which I found surprisingly easy
    3. Bread - which was almost impossible when restricted to a students weekly shopping budget

    ... For my next I'm thinking of ADDING a journal to remember my own lessons learnt and record the good things in life (unfortunately I'm a natural pessimist and tend to let the small meaningless bad things shadow so much good). I hope to share some with TED when I reach that unforeseen milestone
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    Jul 8 2011: Hey Jacqueline. Well I started on a raw diet a month ago, and it has been going very well. So I decided to take it a step further and exclude processed foods from my diet. It's been a couple days so far, we'll see..:)
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    Jul 7 2011: Hi everyone, what a great talk!
    I actually started my own 30 Days at a Time project at the first of this year. You can see my blog about it:

    For the entire year of 2011, every 30 days I am doing a new challenge, My current one is eating local for 30 days. Previous challenges I have completed include:

    Meditating every day
    Living Sustainably
    Giving or Volunteering
    Wearing 6 Items of Clothing only
    Happiness Project

    It's been a very interesting journey, and it's right on target that doing something for 30 days is the time needed to really learn from it and incorporate it into your life. I am still using many of the principles and habits that I got into with my previous experiments.

    Looking here for some more great ideas to finish the year with!
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    Jul 7 2011: Well it will probably be longer than that but for the next 30 days i will continue to spread Good Signs :) would you like yo help?
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    Jul 7 2011: Day 25 I just saw very inspiring. I went to South Africa once, and here in Brasil we have all the social problems that you can imagine, but, not as cruel as a civil war that those people have to live with.....
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    Jul 6 2011: Catch up on the TED talks in my areas of interest by listening to several each day and taking notes on the ideas that most strike me.
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    Jul 6 2011: Thanks, Rhea!
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    Jul 6 2011: I will drink 5 cups of green tea every day for the next 30 days, It should be every effective chemically, so yay for better health. :)
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    Jul 6 2011: Ok, will try to be conscious when I say YES or NO. Good luck and keep us posted on results, share the link. :)
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    Jul 6 2011: Hi Carole, Bikram yoga is doing 26 postures, 2 breathing exercises in 90 minutes BUT in a heated room of about 105 degrees. :)
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    Jul 6 2011: I recently embarked on a raw foods diet, and so far have eliminated meats. I want to take it a step further and eliminate processed foods completely. Starting tomorrow no more processed foods!!!!
    Wish me luck
  • Jul 6 2011: Saying YES to as many things as possible but it cannot be too expensive, unsafe or illegal. So far it has been really really good!
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      Jul 6 2011: Hi Jason, I was thinking of doing this before after watching The Yes Man. Will consider this for my next 30 days. :)
      • Jul 6 2011: Yeah definitely do it, but there's one thing you should consider and that is, you need to have clear boundaries, otherwise you tend saying no without realising it. And yeah watch out for saying no without realising it and saying YES without doing anything... ENJOY! I'll be posting my results on youtube at the end of the month :D
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    Jul 6 2011: Day 26 I just watched and I got inspired to do one thing tomorrow with the people that I work with!!! ;)
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    Jul 5 2011: plan to advertise my brand toe everyone i meet, add to my fitness everyday and maybe even star writing a book... but those are once a month goals..ill start with the fitness
  • Jul 5 2011: Quit smoking and sweets!
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      Jul 5 2011: I think you should divide them up into two months...
      • Jul 6 2011: And I recommend adding something for thirty days in between something that makes you feel healthy- -
  • Jul 4 2011: 1. Watch a TED talk every day to keep my motivation up
    2. To do my 15 min meditation daily
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    Jul 4 2011: In November I'm going to write my first novel!
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    Jul 4 2011: Day 28, As I said, to start the day today, I just watched Stacey Kramer talk, and that inspired me to enjoy my day at the limit! Try to be a better person and try to do the things that I used to postpone, today!
  • Jul 4 2011: Subtracting Caffeine (and Guarana)

    Adding Meditation and reading one article from the BBC everyday (I'm not a huge news nut, but I'm discovering I can be!)
  • Josh S

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    Jul 4 2011: Get into a good exercise and eating habit and get a good start on some research for a personal project!
  • Jul 4 2011: 1. walk after work
    2. take pictures everyday
    3. not going to work listening music
    4. not eat suggar
    5. have new game idea everyday
    6. post on my blog

    one each time? Naaaah!
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    Jul 3 2011: Come up with an idea worth spreading every day and write it down!
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      Jul 3 2011: Write it down here dude!!! ;)
  • Jul 3 2011: I will eat one spoon less from each meal for 30 days, 30d x3meals = 90 spoons less of food,
    (besides loosing weight) is to think of those people or animals who have not enough food to eat.
    The three spoons of food to feed a cat, a fish, a bird, a turtle or a monkey each day for 30 days
    starting tomorrow ;)
  • Jul 3 2011: mmm i think make hard exercise like running ever days .... and making new relation ... something like that
  • Jul 3 2011: I also watched his speeach and agreed with his opinion.30 days are adequate term to get something to be own habit.In my case, actually, i have been trying to go runnning at night, after work,but it's difficult to do every day.I heard sometimes that 60days not 30 days is the enough term for someone to get new habit,anyway, my purpose for 30 days is running and reading.
  • Jul 3 2011: I will start working out every day and try to be fit.
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    Jul 3 2011: I will try not use my personal car. but use public buses instead.

    Just to avoid pollution for our beautiful environment.
  • Jul 2 2011: I already started to prepare a TEDx event in my company.

    Actually it is little bit more than 30 days, but, whatever. lol
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    Jul 2 2011: Jenny, reaffirm the fundamental unity of our beliefs and convictions by engaging all conversations, as my time allows, while remaining open to other ideas that will ulitmately lead me to conclude that either we will be hopefully just fine even though we keep hearing crazy indicators of our worsening crisis, or maybe there's something we can do more together to transform our world like what you are asking as a concrete example of personally doing our part to transform our world.
  • Jul 2 2011: 我要逐步完成被我塵封許久的Project 。
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