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French and Spanish Teacher, Life-long learner, Teacher - high school

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One word to sum it all up

What is the single most important thing you learned in school? Answer in one word only!

Closing Statement from Audrey Misiano

To all participants: THANK YOU!!!! I so enjoyed this experience of receiving all of your comments!

The answer I had in mind was LITERACY as I was thinking more of "academic" learning. Although the non-academic answers many of you provided are truly awesome life lessons indeed.

I am a world language teacher in upstate New York. My husband and I are trying to raise our children as "multiliterate" as possible: literate in multiple languages and ares...literacy has multiple forms and we believe they are all important for 21st Century learners. We are beginning this family literacy adventure by teaching them French. Spanish will come once they start school as well. Living in a monolingual town, and being the only parent who is fluent in French and Spanish, this is quite a challenge. To aid our efforts, we are creating the Sunny Earth Academy. We'd like to invite global participation for the creation of this website which will provide families with engaging language learning lessons.

If you'd be interested in helping us, please email me at Or you can check us out on twitter, facebook, YouTube and wordpress.
Helping would only cost time. We are just beginning the creation of Sunny Earth. It will truly be an literacy learning adventure (especially in the area of technology literacy).

Thank you once again for participating in my TED conversation! Your comments evoked much reflection and many giggles. I hope to continue to connect with TED's global community. TED rocks my world!

Peace to all!