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Have you tried using TED Talks at work? What is your experience?

I had this idea this morning to bring TED into my workplace (see http://www.ted.com/conversations/3928/bring_the_ted_spark_to_your_wo.html). I have actually created our network on the company Yammer group today to share the idea, test it and share feedback.

Have you tried this at your workplace before? What format? What worked? What didn't? Why? I would be very much interested to hear your experience using TED Talks at work.

Consider visiting the above TED Idea post to leave a comment on the TED@[work] concept.


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  • Jul 27 2011: Time for some feedback.

    I have held my first TED@[work] session yesterday, as part of a "lunch and learn" type event that we hold every month. For this introductory session, the Talk I picked is Dan Pink on the surprising science of motivation. http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/eng/dan_pink_on_motivation.html

    After a few words to introduce the initiative, we watched the video (big screen, room audio), and then debated on the topic of motivation, incentives and the subsequent effect on performance, for employees and interestingly enough for contractor companies.

    It was a good, balanced discussion, and the feedback from the audience is such that we have agreed to do it on a regular basis.
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      Jul 27 2011: I think it is great that this has worked for you in your workplace. The fact that people were/are willing to embrace a new idea is very refreshing.

      Thanks for sharing

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