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Have you tried using TED Talks at work? What is your experience?

I had this idea this morning to bring TED into my workplace (see http://www.ted.com/conversations/3928/bring_the_ted_spark_to_your_wo.html). I have actually created our network on the company Yammer group today to share the idea, test it and share feedback.

Have you tried this at your workplace before? What format? What worked? What didn't? Why? I would be very much interested to hear your experience using TED Talks at work.

Consider visiting the above TED Idea post to leave a comment on the TED@[work] concept.


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  • Jul 27 2011: Unless you work in a company with people that think more along the line as you do...it may not be a good idea. Its really odd how some people say they are open to change and want new, fresh ideas but then when someone gives them what they ask for...it may leave a bitter taste they never expected.

    Some people are only up for new ideas on the outside but don't truly want it...its like they talk a good game but don't play by the rules.
    • Jul 27 2011: I agree strongly with this opinion. Frankly the work enviroment is not a right place for sharing ideas which could not follow the corporate rules. Even I can say that we can not expect that people will be open and honest with their opinions. Also we may loose the balance between work and privacy...
    • Jul 27 2011: Christy, Mariola, It is probably a good idea to check on a few success factors before engaging in such an exercise at work. First of all you may want to check on your company culture. Also, you want to be selective on the topics you display, as not all will be relevant in the business environment. Plus they need to be compelling. And most importantly, you want to be selective as to who you invite to watch. Make sure this is a safe - not hostile - environment. Share it with people you trust first, that you may have engaged successfully on a one to one basis, as these will support you along the way.

      Now on those people who say they are open to new ideas but go into a defensive mode as soon as you bring one... well if you are familiar with the SARAH model (exists under different acronyms), which can be used to describe how people react when they receive bad news... SARAH stands for Shock, Anger, Rejection, Acceptance, and Hope. Your colleagues might simply be at the beginning of their journey, or stuck at the Rejection stage...

      Thank you for sharing your experiences.
      • Jul 29 2011: You asked if the TED community has ever used TED at work... and we gave our input as to why it would not be a good idea. I do not believe Mariola or myself said we are doing it so I am confused as to why you have gone into an instruction mode of communication.
        • Jul 29 2011: Hi Christy. The limits of written communication... sorry for the misunderstanding. I assumed you had bad experiences doing it and shared tactics that worked well for me. Thanks for your input.

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