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Have you tried using TED Talks at work? What is your experience?

I had this idea this morning to bring TED into my workplace (see http://www.ted.com/conversations/3928/bring_the_ted_spark_to_your_wo.html). I have actually created our network on the company Yammer group today to share the idea, test it and share feedback.

Have you tried this at your workplace before? What format? What worked? What didn't? Why? I would be very much interested to hear your experience using TED Talks at work.

Consider visiting the above TED Idea post to leave a comment on the TED@[work] concept.


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    Jul 12 2011: Hi, I am a Guidance Teacher in a High School. I was inspired by the Virtual Choir talk and graphics. I played this to a few classes, different year groups, age 12yrs, to 16 yr olds. The young kids were mesmerised by the choir, older kids enjoyed the talking part too! ; )
    I explained to them that they are part of a global community to make good communication and harmony possible, in juxta position with the negative connotations of using the web/fbook/MSM for bullying name calling etc. I challenged those who plan to go to University to study Computing/Music etc to come up with other, better ideas.
    I have also shown 3/4 minute talks as 'thinking points' at the end of lessons- eg 'Three things I learned when my plane crashed'.
    • Jul 18 2011: Hello Joanne. Great to see the Talks used at schools. Some really are able to get the attention of a broad range of viewers! What is wrong with computing or music? Or... What other answer are you satisfied with? What better ideas do you promote? Thanks for sharing and please, tell us more.

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