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Have you tried using TED Talks at work? What is your experience?

I had this idea this morning to bring TED into my workplace (see http://www.ted.com/conversations/3928/bring_the_ted_spark_to_your_wo.html). I have actually created our network on the company Yammer group today to share the idea, test it and share feedback.

Have you tried this at your workplace before? What format? What worked? What didn't? Why? I would be very much interested to hear your experience using TED Talks at work.

Consider visiting the above TED Idea post to leave a comment on the TED@[work] concept.


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    • Jul 11 2011: Glipona, I am so sorry to hear about your bad experience with TED Talks at work. I haven't seen the talks you refer to, but they all seem to be of the creative or artistic type. TED is all about ideas worth spreading, and I have been moved by more than one type of Talks, but one needs to be willing to listen to hear the messages.

      I don't know which Talks you introduced to your colleagues in the first place, and whether there was room for an innovative approach to collaboration at your work to begin with. After all, it all depends much on organizational and possibly location-specific culture... All I can suggest is to stay true to yourself, share the messages that move you with people you can trust, and if that is not at work so be it! There is so much more in life.

      Besides, you may want to reflect on whether the people that mock you for being open-minded and empathic are anything more than bullies in the workplace, and wether that is acceptable to your organization, and to yourself.

      I understand there are over 800+ talks on this website. There are surely plenty more you will enjoy, and which will possibly help move passed that experience. Take care.

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