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why is success always related to money ?

According to me, success is tailored, depending on each person. My grand mother was a home maker. She didn't earn a pie all her life. But i believe she was successful in making her children a better human being, a better citizen and more so a "well grounded" and independent individuals. In today's world, success is more emphasized on how fat your pay check is or how popular you are !!
So, how would one define "Success" ??

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    Jul 1 2011: Agreed mostly with @ Corey's post.

    @ Anitha what do you think about following
    Da vinchi
    Van Gogh
    Mother Teresa
    Nelson Mandela
    etc .... list can go on long

    Are they successful ?
    If yes , what's the link with MONEY in their success ?
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      Jul 1 2011: @salim, i agree with you. the kind of passion they had, is seldom seen in today's world. maybe they also really struggled, till they could be "someone". But in the current scenario, money plays a great deal. it is directly proportional to success.
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        Jul 1 2011: Anitha, since money was invented and slowly become one of the major driver in socio-economic arena , majority took that as measure of success ..... but not all.

        People mentioned above are some of them and there were , are & will be more.It's an individual choice , how one wants to define success , measure success.

        Let's take an example of a successful money makersBill Gates started from scartch to become richest person of the world. But should we only measure his success with amount of money he made ? Is not rewriting rules of the software industry a bigger measure of his success ? Innovation he brought forward is another measure of success though everything gave him monetary return....

        However he himself found after sometime only making money is not the ultimate success of life , so went philanthrophy .... well one might argue money gave him that luxery ... yes that's right but are all money makers following his path ?

        Check caves of Himalayas you will find many people there living defining success differently, check jungles in this modern era some people defined there success to be enlighten so they are there .... only thing different is that they are yet to be famous like the names I mentioned. May be they don't even bother to be famous.

        The problem is whether it's money or anything else average person like me wants it "ready made" to be available to them then fail only to blame luck , while successful people strive for that bit by bit and write new story of success, whether it's Da Vinchi, Picaso, Socretes, Gandhi or Bill Gates of today.
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    Jun 30 2011: The definition of success differs between social and personal perspectives.

    While it should be more important to care about your personal definition of success, we give just as much credit to the social definition.

    In one way or another, we all care about how we are viewed by others (family, friends, colleagues, society). If you really think about it, we care because, the recognition of success offers us a level of affirmation we can't get ourselves. (i.e. I made a good decision and/or the result of this action will mean 'something' for me.) Perhaps this is the result of some ancient instinct for whatever... acceptance, protection, opportunities etc. Things that are only afforded by life with social structure. Its wired in...
  • Jun 30 2011: Epicurus "Not what we have but what we enjoy that constitutes our abundance"
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    Jul 2 2011: If not yet read , Anitha try the book "The Monk Who Sold His Ferari" by Robin Sharma. There are something in it how success may look like.
  • Jul 2 2011: Profit for the owners, employees in the form of good salaries, for community in form of providing socially helpful products; and finally offering a product which exceeds its cost for customers and for other stockholders of business.

    So money is not success; it is one of the measures of success. In the above definition; success is keeping owners; employee, customers, community and other stakeholders happy, earning, learning, growing and respecting within a happy environment of working.

    So other measures of success are”
    Be and keep anybody within your relationship happy


    We can use semi liar form of success's definition to any scope.
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    Jul 2 2011: Anitha who said that and why you believe such thing? Money and success could be related, but they are not in the same categories. Both are symbols but not in the same field. Succes...? Whats that?...Money....? Many bits in your card?...Many coins in your pocket?...
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    Jul 1 2011: We all have to define what success mean. If we do not dictate the terms of our success then we are stuck with the socially programed default settings of success, which usually means money. Many financial wizards have no musical talent, yet we do not say they are failures because they can't write a song. Many musicians are living hand to mouth. They are just as successful, but many are blind to it. Do what you do and do it well. If that means making money so be it. If it means writing poetry, playing the viola, doing community outreach, or what ever, so be it as well.
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    Jul 1 2011: @Anitha: Yes it seems .. It does n't matter to society what you are doing unless you are getting a good paycheck.

    And Success/fame without money comes in later stages of life.

    Ideally, success follows itself when we are doing whatever we feel like doing.
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    Jul 1 2011: money is the most measurable and tangible things of what one person has?