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Proving/disproving Atheism.

This conversation seems necessary because there are similar conversations out there that are trying to prove otherwise.

If you're accustomed to the religious debates here on TED you'll get the point...

Please, provide some proof!

EDIT: PLEASE, PLEASE start new threads instead of commenting on really long ones!


Closing Statement from Jimmy Strobl

Since I'm an (still) Atheist a summary would be unfair to many... Instead I've done this!


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    Jul 7 2011: Might I suggest that each of us make a new comment asking people to respond to things that they still haven't.
    • Jul 7 2011: Please do ! .... and check out if the group that you think you adhere to .... is really that what you think that you meant....

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        Jul 7 2011: Nicely done Daniel!
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          Jul 8 2011: Dear Daniel,
          I am not pleased with your venting towards me.
          Ad hominem arguments are to be avoided.

          [the post in question has been deleted, so this post might be a bit odd]

          If my thinking seems to be wrong, you should point out where (in your opinion) the errors lie.
          Can I help it that my thinking is strongly formed by my education, and that certain terms for me are very clear and distinct, while they are maybe not so well understood by others? (I had to look up the word fangeled)

          Being social is a good thing, exchanging thoughts as well.
          Going into arguments and explaining your thinking inevitably leads to what we can agree upon (and for me that is factual knowledge).

          I do have a rather explicit idea about reality and how it can be known. I know it is a construct, and a rather firm and stable one. I even indicate how it can be refuted.
          By dismissing me as a person, you don't make a valid point.

          This does not mean that I'm infallible and that I don't make ad-hominem arguments from time to time... (I'm prone to errors and logical fallacies too)

          I could return your train argument and say you are the one standing on the platform of a modernistic interpretation of science, while the train has already crossed the border of post-modernistic thought 10 years ago. (tit for tat: very common in social discussions, though not a very constructive approach, is it?)
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        Jul 7 2011: Daniel, yes Atheism is a very broad concept, like any belief seems to be... It's always good to know...stuff... But what are your intentions with informing people of the (many) different aspects that atheism has?
        Would you like us to put ourselves in a sub category so that you know the beliefs of the people participating here?
        • Jul 7 2011: I don't think its slander... Chris can have a pretty sharp tongue when he wants to.. but let him first read my comment and here what he says. .. and as Chris also says in his comments here.. he is not attacking the person its only the ideas that he attacks .. That is a good starting point. I am as open as anyone to be criticized ... and I have ... as you, been subject to many different forms of intellectual attack.. I have been in contact with Chris before and know he can take what he himself dishes out.
          I am not of the intention to inform anyone specifically about any of the many different forms of atheism.. my only intention is to keep the discussion on the track. No need for sub categories... no... that is not my intention at all. But after experiencing the total arrogance of Richard Dawkin on the lecture "militant atheism" it's been sort of like a little stone in my shoe that just wont go away..
          When I hear certain people that defend athe "ism" and who come across so strongly in their convictions in the name of an attempted scientific argument... well, that balloon just cant fly, simply for the reasons I (read Wikipidea) have just presented you you.
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        Jul 7 2011: Daniel, I think that TED is a mixture of social and scientific community, or perhaps trying to categorize TED is meaningless...TED is TED, only experience will make you understand.

        Now about your remarks about Christophe... Saying things like "his own little sacred platform", " I really don't think the lights have be turned on" and so on is not at all a good way to go here at TED, you'll just get people disliking you. Furthermore he is a well respected member of the community and a friend of mine and I do not take your slander of him lightly.

        Enjoy your vacation, we'll be here when you get back.
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        Jul 11 2011: I'll just try to make this thread larger by posting this....

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