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Is corruption worldwide fueled by corporate world? What should be done to reduce it?

It is generally felt that money corrupts and excessive money corrupts excessively! Since the corporate world has the money they collude with the politicians to create conditions which favor them and hence results in corruption.

However what fuels the corruption at lower, everyday experience level and how does the above reasoning translate into this level of corruption.

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    Jun 30 2011: When government and political machineries are ENGINE then only corporate world can supply the fuel.

    System in place to watch both is needed.
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      Jun 30 2011: Yes Salim, it's called the government and the government is supposed to be the singular voice of the people and even failing that we have the UN and the NGOs.

      I think we should solve the problem in all fronts.
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        Jun 30 2011: Agreed Joe about government. But think NGOs,UN, IMF, World Bank all also need to be under scrutiny as they are partners of goverments.

        Just blaming corporate world will not make any difference as many times corporates are made bound to do so..........while corporates are dictated by Wall Street and similar kind of institutions to ensure incremental Return on Investment for shareholders irrespective of ethics....
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          Jun 30 2011: Yes I think we need to reformulate the profit model to also include equitablity in basic rights and earth sustainability.

          Obviously, the profit model does not work anymore with our limited resources.

          Many people are now doing this although I don't know what's the total impact. Like for example, is calling their investments "patient" capital.
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        Jul 1 2011: Hi Joe, yes the Profit Model seems like viscious cycle now as the individual economies getting more and more connected to each other to become a golbal one.......

        So model of losing somewhere and profiting somewhere else are no more mutually exclusive as investor investing across coutry or industry finally it may turn in to zero sum game with in the portfolio of the same investor !!!

        It's thought provocating..... whats your thoughts ?
        Will check to learn.

        Keeping fingers crossed for not being "off topic" with this post and get deleted !
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          Jul 2 2011: Yes Salim, we are so inter-connected that every single person in this world deserves a global citizenship which along with it demands basic rights for all. This is the ulitimate goal of the transformation of our economic and political systems.

          But solving corruption today in our information age should be easier. According to WEF the nexus of weak governments, organized crime and weak people is estimated at 1.3 trillion USD, enough to finance a lot of our endeavors.
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    Jul 1 2011: Thanks for all your comments. I think the basic thing to think about is what is the socio-biological basis of corruption. Why do we have the excessive greed and with power and money that seems to get enhanced and legitimize.
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      Jul 1 2011: I think there is a part of our brain that inclines us to hunt and conquer. On the other hand according to Jill Bolte Taylor's talk "stroke of insight" the right hemisphere of our brain is designed to care for another.

      In our faiths and cultures we define it as a battle between good and evil, between God and the devil. In our personal beliefs and convictions, we tend to blame one another and justify our righteousness and sometimes fail to step out of our paradigm and see a bigger picture. (Jonathan Haidt TED talk on moral roots of liberals and conservatives)

      This is why I believe it all comes down to empowering our hearts and minds to eliminate corruption and transform our world.
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    Jun 30 2011: there are two sides of this coin. corrupt official and a big sum of money must meet for corruption to happen. you blame the big sum. should we limit the amount of money in one hand, so we have less corruption? or we should limit the number of corrupt officials?
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    Jun 30 2011: I think we can greatly reduce corruption by empowering our principles of freedom, justice and truth with the digital information and social infrastructures that we have today.

    We equate the trust we entrust to our leaders with clear accountability and transparency.