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The Most Powerful Thought

I think that all we do, is consciously or not, strongly influenced by the meaning we give to life and it´s purpose, if we think it has one. So, I wanted to know, your thoughts about that, and how you think it is connected with your daily life.

Some options could be:

a) I believe that God (Allah, Jesus, and all religions God) gave us life, and we have to live as he say until our death, and infinite perfect life, or reencarnation.
b) I believe we are spiritual creatures, but we can´t understand it at all, we need faith to live. Don´t believe in religions, but think life never finish, death is just a change to something unknown. Maybe some time, humankind could understand this during life.
c) Life has no meaning, self consciusness is just something happened between the infinite possibilities that universe allow, but we´re just a combination
of elements with no aim. We have to stand with this, and try to keep happy until death, or singularity and a new way of living.
d)I don´t know, I try to give it my own meaning, I don´t believe life has a meaning.
e)I don´t know, I try to give it my own meaning, I believe life has a meaning,
but don´t know what it is (so, do you read, or do something about?)
f) There´s no reason to think about that, just live. (but how?)

you can say, 50% a) 50%d), a new option, or whatever, the idea is to
think this big question, and the connection with your life. I think we all did it sometime, but it´s really interesting and as we have different cultures,
it could open our minds, and why not, change our view of life.


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  • Jul 4 2011: perhaps humans are simply too inquisitive and imaginative for their own good.

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