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Where is the best place to live?

Recently, I have thought of migrating to another country.Since then, I have always wondered where is the best place to live.How would we know what makes a place the best place to live? Is 'heaven' really on earth?If yes, then where is it?Share with me your answers and why.Thank you.

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    Jun 30 2011: .
    The best place on the planet is the place where you are most happy.

    The single most important factor determining your level of happiness is, by far, the number of close friends and relatives you have.

    So the best place is where your loved ones live. As Joe Delsen already said.
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    Jul 7 2011: >> Is 'heaven' really on earth?If yes, then where is it?

    Even those who are sure about going to heaven would not want to die ;)

    Jokes apart, It is us who bring out the best in a place. The place per se does not have properties of its own. Of course yes, some places are better than the others; but in what way depends on the lens (scenic or cordial people or cost of living etc) from which we see


    This link partially provides an insight about what I said; In terms of climate at-least - Denmark is said to have hostile conditions; But its rated the happiest place in the world

    I said all this, under the assumption that - best place => a place where one can live happily & peacefully
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      Jul 7 2011: I learned that you're from Hyderabad,India.How is it there? is the weather lovely? I've always wanted to go there.My grandfather came from there.It's a simple case of retracing my grandfather's footsteps.haha ;)
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    Jul 1 2011: East or west , home is the best .just make sure that you are with some people who make you feel like home ;) and a specific place . i guess ,Ireland simply becuz not too hot all year around .
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    Jun 30 2011: Here is the address of the best place to live:

    The 3rd planet,
    Solar system,
    Milky Way galaxy
    Universe :)
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    Jun 30 2011: Where our loved ones are. When our job or our mission requires us to be in another place and when our heart and mind is ready, we can be anywhere and we can easily meet friends and extend our family.
  • Jul 3 2011: If you are truly adventurous (risk taker) and helpful to vulnerable people; stay sometime in Afghanistan
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    Jul 2 2011: Why you want to migrate don't know. To me best place to live is the place where one feels at home ..........
    Well you may say that's not the answer , as then you need to tests different places even then that's it is to me. Law of immigration can be a barrier even you find a place where you feeling at home.

    Sorry Aizat , my answer may sound very non specific and of no use to you but thats what I can think about.
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    Jun 30 2011: NOT in the southern part of Arizona.
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      Jul 1 2011: why not? what's there in Arizona? interesting...
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      Jul 2 2011: Hey Tim, I have only been in Arizona once and found it absolutely beautiful but 'other worldly' to me. Coming from a place with seasons and extremes, its dry and colourful landscape was impressive but so alien to my own sensibilties where green plays such a life giving role. I sat on a patio and had huevos ranchos as a wood pecker built a nest in a cactus. One of the most vivid hours of my life but somehow not a place for my whole life.
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        Jul 5 2011: its impressive for like...a year. it gets old, fast. i like seasons. theres a huge city (phoenix) surounded by slightly smaller citys. its ok, stuff to do, but everythings just....hot... northren az however is totaly diffrent and is quite amazing, imo. def worth spending a week traveling around and such. its just doesnt seem like a place sooo many people should reside in. the desert cant take it.
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        Jul 6 2011: major nothren towns like flagstaff and sedona( which is unbelievably beautiful) if you have to have the taste for the desert life though, travel there in winter. flagstaff can get really cold in winter, so i would go in fall ( to see the red leaves in such) im with you though, south AZ has no seasons, just a cold fall and a unbearable summer that last 5-6 months. EDIT my bad you said america/ not AZ. from my limited person experience only, californias south coast and north mountains and colorado, particualry denver.
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    Jun 30 2011: If you can stand cold weather, I recommend my own country. Canada.
    • Jul 1 2011: I second that. Vancouver/Victoria temperatures are not too bad. But, I also have to say I am a little in love with the islands of Hawaii :-)
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      Jul 1 2011: Debra.............I haven't been there unfortunately but I have seen pictures, etc. and it is beautiful.
      But you gotta love Texas. Right now we are having triple digit temperatures where I am. Like up to 103 degrees. Not much you can do but stay inside. I could use a little snow .
      But in reality you can be anywhere except the most extreme environments and really call it home. You know the old saw........Home is where the heart is. Sending you my love.Helen
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      Jul 1 2011: an average person experiences 4 season all of his/her life.If I stay here all my life,I'll get to taste 1 season only.Isn't that weird?
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    Jun 30 2011: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World's_most_livable_cities
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    Jun 30 2011: You can find same environment everywhere. What makes the place good or bad is the people.

    I suggest you select UAE which has both taste of East & West.