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Let's save our inboxes by adopting this Email Charter!

Everyone I know is drowning in email. And every hour we spend working on our groaning inboxes is simply making the problem worse for our friends and colleagues. This stressful upward spiral can only be solved by us all agreeing new ground-rules. That's why a couple weeks ago I floated the idea of an Email Charter. the idea 'went viral' and I was deluged with suggestions and comments which I've tried to weave into this final version, just launched today. http://emailcharter.org

I would absolutely love to get feedback from the brilliant TED community. Do you agree that this is an idea worth spreading? How could we improve it?


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  • Jul 27 2011: I have worked in a number of companies that have tried to formalize the essence of your charter and none of the different ways they tried worked. I truly wish it could be this straight forward.

    Personal approach that has worked for my work inbox, is call and politely but firmly challenge every mail sender that breaches the basis rules embodied in the charter. It may not change the behaviour globally, but it works for my inbox and if more people did it... well maybe the message would be understood and people would think before leaping to email in the first place.

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