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Let's save our inboxes by adopting this Email Charter!

Everyone I know is drowning in email. And every hour we spend working on our groaning inboxes is simply making the problem worse for our friends and colleagues. This stressful upward spiral can only be solved by us all agreeing new ground-rules. That's why a couple weeks ago I floated the idea of an Email Charter. the idea 'went viral' and I was deluged with suggestions and comments which I've tried to weave into this final version, just launched today. http://emailcharter.org

I would absolutely love to get feedback from the brilliant TED community. Do you agree that this is an idea worth spreading? How could we improve it?


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    Jul 27 2011: I think the volume of e-mails would go down if we had some country coordinators for TED translators, TEDx Organizers and others...

    For example in our case if our translators have questions, they apply to me, If there are questions that I can not answer, I usually collect them and then send it to our Coordinator at TED.

    I know this might not work in every country and in all cases, but still could help ... and those who want to contact TED directly, could still contact them (so no Gate Keeping error would occur ) ...

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