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In what ways INDIA's education system can bought online?

I quit my corporate job to work upon the above query.(specific to pre-medical and pre-engineering study)? Along with my corporate job I started a school for slum children and worked for 2 years almost.

I am a beginner to TED just need the guidance of you(professionals)

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R Vishnu Parsad I toatally agree with all your concerns even i also think thats the right way to go ahead to improve the education system. However, for tieing up with government projects and emphasising on creative learning need a quality educated man power. That India is already in short of..

Griffin Tucker : I think the problems you mentioned can bereduce by the creative learning process. Yeah I agree It will always be there may to some extent.

Thanks Vivek.

  • Jul 4 2011: My suggestion is the online education system will be successful in the urban areas and cities.Because in India the rural areas are under developed and i think the online educational system in these areas may not lead to fruitful results.My idea is "The government of India has implemented its schools even in the under developed areas.So if we improve the standard of teaching and education system in those schools by means of sponsors and with the help of the respective school officials such as principal etc... the education system will be automatically developed.As a result when the government school standards are equal to that of private schools located in cities, the poor students can be taught with high standards.I mean improving the standards is not only in the means of smart class room teaching.The creative learning process must be undertaken such as the education must not only confined to books but also with some practical application learning process.If we undertake one school for a year and work it out practically then it will lead to grand success in the forth coming years. Expecting your suggestions and comments.....
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    Jul 5 2011: Hi Manish... Nice to see somebody following his heart.. I am also trying to figure out the ways to make education available to all. My area of concern is making it available for the children living in remote villages at the moment.

    Keep yourself going! Good luck!
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    Jun 30 2011: Hey Jimmy,

    Thanks for the welcome! and About my question:
    What are the different ways I can contribute to improve the education system.
    Also, I am curious to discuss that what could be the future of online education in INDIA?
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    Jun 29 2011: Hi Manish,

    Welcome to the TED community, you've just started a(nother) big journey ;)

    I applaud your initiative for starting the school, education is one of the most discussed topics here on TED so I think you'll feel right at home.

    Now about your question, I'm not sure I understand it, could you please elaborate?