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Are there any Republicans, tea party members, or conservatives here?

From looking at the conversations, it seems that most people that use TED.com are non-conservatives. If the ideas that are presented on TED are so good, why would that be the case?

Those that might benefit most from listening to TED talks, are the very same people that would never consider exploring this site. It seems to me that putting good ideas on the web is not enough, you must actively seek out those that could most benefit from the information. You must challenge the world view of those that fear knowledge and science.


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    Jun 29 2011: Are you implying that conservatives fear knowledge and science?

    I don't base my politics on party lines, I've got both "liberal" and "conservative" views, but I'm leaning Republican for 2012.

    TED talks are not always a benefit; if the viewer disagrees the talk will have only succeeded in making them more passionate against the case. No amount of words will convince me that Koran is scientific miracle, just as no amount of words will convince stern conservatives to adopt liberal social policy.
    • Jul 11 2011: I agree. I think that the question is poorly worded, and helps reinforce contemporary partisan politics. I find myself leaning towards the right too, but in Canada.

      As someone leaning towards the Republicans, how has the current debt limit crisis affected your view of the Republican party? Furthermore, how has the recent partisanship environment influenced your views?
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        Jul 11 2011: The only thing I am sure about is that despite whatever gets done people somewhere will be upset.

        I'm against raising a debt limit, because it seems against common sense. (can't afford it under these rules? change the rules) let's fix the problems not the symptoms.

        In regards to the partisan environment; there is never a perfect candidate just one that I agree with on more important issues. For a long time I withheld my opinion and vote because all the candidates seemed terrible.

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