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What have you learnt from watching TEDTalks?

I often find myself bringing up things I have learnt from TEDTalks in conversations with friends and colleagues. What are some of the things you have learnt from watching TEDTalks, that you did not know before?

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    Jul 24 2011: General culture most of the time, but not things i can apply ... except for 1 talk : now, i lace correctly my shoes
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      Jul 25 2011: Nicolas, does that also mean to lace correctly everything else that you have the power to influence?

      Great ideas are a great start and is probably enough to transform our personal lives and impact our world. Could there be collaborative social network for actions too?
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        Jul 25 2011: I am a student, so, my power is very low :-/
        For exemple, the way we learn maths is very bad and referring to a TED talk, i know that better ways exist, but i can't do nothing for that and my teacher can't do anything more.
        Things need to be changed but the persons who are able do do these changes don't know they.
        But later, i will apply all i learnt ...
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          Jul 25 2011: Nicolas, you have great powers and you continue to build it up as you continue to open your mind and heart in your studies.

          Life has many dimensions and each positive influence you can give from your routines impacts the world around you in many ways much like the "butterfly effect".

          One of the best ways to learn math that I know is through khanacademy.org and you probably saw the founder's talk here at TED - Salman Khan, backed up by Bill Gates. Google also backed him up with 1 million USD.
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        Jul 25 2011: Hey Joe, what you said is beautiful.
        I think i learn more on TED than at school and i'm of course a khan academy member :-)
        I think it is in another talk i see that what we learn in math classes is useless for our future jobs. We need to work on real problems and with the sames resources like computers and math softwares ... but we are still working on paper, like if computers were not yet invented.
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          Jul 27 2011: I think that basic math and science is everywhere and it can practically help us in our daily life. In extreme cases, our aversion to math and science can cause problems.

          I of course wholeheartedly agree with you Nicolas when you mean that the power of our hearts also is essential in translatiing our math and science in caring endeavors, and expressing the limit of our words than only can art and music can show and expound.
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        Jul 27 2011: Hi Joe,
        I didn't say that maths are useless but only the maths we learn at school.
        We learn how to resolve simple equations on paper while in our future jobs, we will need to resolve difficult equations using a computer. So, it is a totally different problem and what we learn is very far from what we really need.

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