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What have you learnt from watching TEDTalks?

I often find myself bringing up things I have learnt from TEDTalks in conversations with friends and colleagues. What are some of the things you have learnt from watching TEDTalks, that you did not know before?

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  • Jul 3 2011: Three years ago I had a pessimistic biased view of people in general, but TED show me a new kind of people I never know before.
    Watching TED talkers I realizing how many brilliant and generous minds are in the planet, and it makes me more positive about people. In TED I see humanity and it gives me a great feeling about the future.
    TED talks make me a better persona.

    Great question Martin. It becomes fully conscious to me when you asked.
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      Jul 3 2011: :)
      My initial thought was about learning facts and stuff, but through all the answers you have all given, I realize that I too have learnt more than mere facts. It's a new way of seeing things, a new outlook on making a difference, getting involved and expanding ones horizon. Thanks for all your great responses!
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        Jul 11 2011: Yes, I believe this is the case for me too. TED showed me that is possible to live up my dreams. TED gave me and still gives me inspiration. Speaking about facts, at the end of 2009 I used this speech http://www.ted.com/talks/richard_st_john_s_8_secrets_of_success.html as a tool to evaluate my year and plan the year ahead. Thanks for this great topic!
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        Jul 24 2011: Love learning. Love to see it happen, to dawn on a person. Thank you for sharing your change of perspective. Kudos +infinite, TED team, and affiliates.

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