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What have you learnt from watching TEDTalks?

I often find myself bringing up things I have learnt from TEDTalks in conversations with friends and colleagues. What are some of the things you have learnt from watching TEDTalks, that you did not know before?

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    Jul 6 2011: My learning was complex. While watching hundreds of talks from the TED archives, I felt reassured that I have a clue about what is going on in the world, and at the same time I gained a new tool for social change. Earlier I tried to change my country by building an NGO from scratch, but two years ago I realized I could support the change from a different angle and started translating and reviewing TED talks (beyond posting TED talk links to my facebook wall). So, due to this experience I managed to learn new skills: video subtitle translation and review. After a while I got the TED associate status for my TED translations and started watching the TED conferences live online and I had the feeling that I need to take my blogging activity to the next level, and I started live TED conference blogging. Again, a new skill. And it is all voluntary, nobody asked me to do all this. TED for me is a multi layered learning experience: the talks, the interdisciplinary knowledge, the sharing, the changing, the translating, the reviewing, the live blogging...

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