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    Jun 30 2011: The most important thing I have learned is that there are millions of people who want to make the earth a better place. I thought I was alone. There is never anything on the news about it, they just want to program us to behave the way they want us to. I found a new lease on life because of this realization, and TED is responsible for my enlightenment.
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      Jul 4 2011: throw away the television!
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        Jul 25 2011: Or tune it to TED channel instead. If there's none let's make one.
  • Jul 3 2011: Three years ago I had a pessimistic biased view of people in general, but TED show me a new kind of people I never know before.
    Watching TED talkers I realizing how many brilliant and generous minds are in the planet, and it makes me more positive about people. In TED I see humanity and it gives me a great feeling about the future.
    TED talks make me a better persona.

    Great question Martin. It becomes fully conscious to me when you asked.
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      Jul 3 2011: :)
      My initial thought was about learning facts and stuff, but through all the answers you have all given, I realize that I too have learnt more than mere facts. It's a new way of seeing things, a new outlook on making a difference, getting involved and expanding ones horizon. Thanks for all your great responses!
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        Jul 11 2011: Yes, I believe this is the case for me too. TED showed me that is possible to live up my dreams. TED gave me and still gives me inspiration. Speaking about facts, at the end of 2009 I used this speech http://www.ted.com/talks/richard_st_john_s_8_secrets_of_success.html as a tool to evaluate my year and plan the year ahead. Thanks for this great topic!
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        Jul 24 2011: Love learning. Love to see it happen, to dawn on a person. Thank you for sharing your change of perspective. Kudos +infinite, TED team, and affiliates.
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    Jun 30 2011: I think I have watch most of the TED talks that I have found. I have even gone back into the archives. As I tried to distill what I have learned- one word popped out of my subconscious- HOPE. I have learned to really confidently hope again that the world will be OK. This spirit which loves goodness, wisdom, humanity, growth etc. etc. is still firmly alive and widely dispersed. TED taught me to have real hope again.
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      Jul 6 2011: Yeah, Hope is the greatest gift that TED has given me as well!
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        Jul 16 2011: Another thing that I have learned is that debates can be civil and informative. I hope TED has more debates on a whole variety of issues to teach, inform and to lead the way to a better way of public discourse.
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    Jul 7 2011: I have learned
    1. The value of life
    2. The amazing abilities of so many out there
    3. To expand my consciousness and awareness
    4. That there are so many very smart people out there and I love it
    5. The infinite variety of ideas, innovation and knowledge we can all share

    ...just a few off he top of my head.
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      Jul 17 2011: I was just writing a similar answer when I discovered this one.

      I haven't learnt much on TED in terms of facts or some kind of knowledge. Actually, the more Talks I watch and translate, the more I feel small and that "I only know that I know nothing".

      However, I have learnt something more important that facts. With every Talk I discover the human capacities and possibilities and it's a great source of inspiration. They DID it, they did something great. And when they did, why couldn't I?

      I have learnt to overcome myself and try things I was only dreaming about. I overcame my fear of travelling and using foreign languages and I went for an exchange abroad. Thanks to TED. And now, studying abroad, I learn many new things every day, to respect other people and cultures, how language affects understanding the world, how little details can change your life.

      Without watching and translating TEDTalks, I would have probably never tried anything new and I would have been stuck in my mind forever. TED has openned my mind and I'm very grateful for that.
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    Jul 6 2011: My learning was complex. While watching hundreds of talks from the TED archives, I felt reassured that I have a clue about what is going on in the world, and at the same time I gained a new tool for social change. Earlier I tried to change my country by building an NGO from scratch, but two years ago I realized I could support the change from a different angle and started translating and reviewing TED talks (beyond posting TED talk links to my facebook wall). So, due to this experience I managed to learn new skills: video subtitle translation and review. After a while I got the TED associate status for my TED translations and started watching the TED conferences live online and I had the feeling that I need to take my blogging activity to the next level, and I started live TED conference blogging. Again, a new skill. And it is all voluntary, nobody asked me to do all this. TED for me is a multi layered learning experience: the talks, the interdisciplinary knowledge, the sharing, the changing, the translating, the reviewing, the live blogging...
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    Jul 5 2011: I teach Public Speaking in English at a University in South Korea. I have my students listen to TED talks for evaluation homework. It's great because they can find topics in their own majors (which are varied) or in an area of personal interest plus it helps them to evaluate what was good or bad about the speech. They even develop quite a continuing interest in listening to TED after the class is over. We LOVE TED!
    • Jul 5 2011: I taught EFL at a local private institution in Taipei. In an one on one lesson I have asked my student to transcribe part of TED talk to help him with his listening ability. After transcription he then can compare his works with the transcripts on the TED's website to see how well he can listen. And I can help him to see what error has he made and how can he correct it. TED's speech is authentic, real, intelligent and rich in it's contents and quality, which is in my opinion very good audio material for teaching advanced listening. LOVE TED, too! =)
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      Jul 7 2011: What a great idea Debi! Great way to use TED talks for mulitple benefits!
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    Jul 4 2011: You can learn fascinating things on topics you would have never guessed would interest you on Ted.com

    I play a little game. find the video that looks the least interesting to you and watch it! You'll be surprised. I watched an hour long lecture on birds. I discovered the parallels (?) between the fashion industry and the music/movie industry (and their fight with P2P networks, copyrights)

    I found my favorite author, lobbyist, spokesperson for common since in law. Phillip K Howard. His ideas have influenced how I think about most of my actions.
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    Jul 9 2011: I can't really say that I learned a lot on TED. I think 20 min. talks are not enough for learning. However, I see the TED talks as seeds and inspirations. One has to build upon them.
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      Jul 24 2011: I am surprised by the response. One word can change the world if we latch onto it. 20 minute talks are lengthy. I have been so intensely moved by such short talks as "Try Something New for 30 Days", and "Building Parks in the Sky". Doesn't take a lengthy, structured lecture. Takes motivation, enthusiasm, follow-through. I agree wholly on this: One *must* build upon them. Good call.
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    Jul 7 2011: positivism, relationships, social and corporate responsibility, humour, English, my mothertongue, rhetoric, VISION......and much more
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    Jul 5 2011: ... that passion is the key to achieving success.
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    Jul 5 2011: that nothing is impossible!!
  • Jul 5 2011: TED talks have helped to clarify my life's purpose. Although I can't really quantify it, let's just say that in my first 37 years as a meat-eating, car driving consumer in a 1st world country, in my mind I've symbolically contributed to the painful demise of 10 blue whales. If, for the remainder of my life, I can make amends and save the symbolic equivalent of 11 blue whales, then I'll have made a net positive difference. I'm hoping that math reckons itself in the afterlife though. :-)

    But specifically, Ray Anderson has taught me that business is the fastest and most effective way to save the world. If he could do a mid-course correction for a transnational corporation, then there's no excuse for other companies not to do the right thing and still make a profit. I’m very happy with the performance of my Interface stock. Mainly because of Ray, I'm leading a green team at my work place. Janine Beynus has opened my eyes to the truth of biomimicry and revealed that those who follow mother nature’s rules will succeed. From her teachiings, I feel that I intentionally came across an article for Project Kaisei. I am now a volunteer for Project Kaisei and am doing all I can to avoid using plastics and styrofoam in my life and spreading the word. Jill Bolte Taylor spelled out our interconnectedness to one another and everything around us. She taught me that it's my relationships to all beings that will underscore true happiness and that our bodies and minds are a gift to be used in that capacity.
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    Jul 4 2011: First, a fun fact, I've knew about this page a few months ago, because a professor, in my school, show us a TED Talk of Simon Sinek, trying to inspiring us (I study Graphic Design). While I was seeing the Talk, I told to myself, "hey that's what I think!".
    After that class, I enter to the page and I get fascinated with all the Talks, all the ideas from too many people, so different each one, without caring about their religious, politics, jobs, nationalities, but with one point in common: trying to make a better world.
    I've started some proyects, trying to make a change in my country (Mexico), before TED I was inspired, but now, I'm the double inspired to make the change, and to don't give up so easily, that is a long road, but it would worth it.
    What I've learnt? Inspiration, don't give up, and I'm not the only one making a change.

    Sorry if I've some mistakes in the text.
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    Jul 4 2011: TED has re-inspired my desire to learn new concepts and ideas. TED has opened up to me a world of people that are a positive influence, and for that I am grateful!
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    Jul 26 2011: ...that any shred of cynicism I've had about our world's future is entirely unwarranted. Now well into my '30s, I'm in that middle ground between youthful optimism and veteran scorn. I now feel myself being pulled back toward optimism as I see SO many talented, creative, and (most of all) hopeful people striving to make the world better. That so many look and think nothing like me gives me an even greater sense of pride.
  • Jul 18 2011: I find myself spreading the word of TED almost every 3:d talk that comes up here, just because you do learn a thing or two or TED acts as a great news source that actually gives you real live news about interesting topics.

    I've learned a lot about the human study, the brain and the body..
    How society works and what's going on around the world.

    Stories that facinates me like the one about "Suspended animation" or the outcome of putting children in charge of modern day problems.
    TED, as Stephen below mentioned, acts as a gateway between people that are interested or knowlage.

    And on TED, everyone is equal, this is the only forum that i know where gender, age or race does not matter.
    I'm glad to be able to take in the information that is shared from within the community!
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    Jul 16 2011: TED for me is more than learning 'something new' or 'skills for my daily life'. Instead I get inspired, shocked and surprised by so many wonderful (as well as miserable) things that happened in this world.

    Life is wonderful and interesting just because there is always something NEW to explore. TED is like a booster to my curiosity to this world and things around me.
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    Amy Hu

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    Jul 11 2011: This is an inspiring and exciting platform for us to learn more about the world. Thanks TED!!!!
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    Jul 9 2011: I've learned new ways to learn. New ways to understand knowledge and transform into wisdom. Learned new ways to share information,
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    Jul 7 2011: I grew up as a Jehovah's Witness, leaving the group (and home) at the age of 17. Part of the recovery process was accepting that the world was not getting worse, and was in fact getting better all the time. I now spend a fair amount of my time helping others to leave that high-control group, and TED talks are a big part of that. Steven Pinker, Hans Rosling and many others have given me the ammunition I need in order to convince many (including myself) that we are headed for a bright future indeed. Thanks, TED!
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    Jul 5 2011: There is always something new to learn.
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    Jul 5 2011: That there are a lot of different ideas and even more points of view. Diversity and disagreement!
  • Jul 4 2011: I've learned too much to recount here. I love this organization. I only discovered this site about a year ago, and was immediately hooked! Much of it is over my head, but I still enjoy trying to expand my mind....LOL
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    Jul 4 2011: I remember my very first TED presentation I've seen at friends's facebook wall... I was absolutely new and exciting experience.. I found completely different world, and a whole society of people I always wanted to speak with...
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    Jul 1 2011: Not to be gloomy but positive, the world is much richer and vaster than it often seems to be...
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    Jun 30 2011: The talks that are my personal favorites are David Gallow: Underwater astonishments, Jill Bolte Taylor's stroke of insight, Jonathan Drori: Why we are storing billions of seeds and Paul Stamets on 6 ways mushrooms can save the world.

    Indirectly I have learned that any one of these videos can spark a TON of interest on a topic, and you really get to see all sides of thought in comments from hundreds of experts, hobbyists and the general public. I have been participating in the TED conversations lately and think this is an incredible opportunity for people to get real critisism from all walks of life. TED has change my life :D
  • Jul 27 2011: i have learnt that there are 2 types of people in this world :
    1. the ones who divide the world into 2 types.
    2. the ones who don't
    i mean we must treat everyone as the family member of this global family where EARTH is our home (:
  • Jul 26 2011: TED has taught me that if you truly want to make a difference there is nothing that can stop you, and if you put your heart into it anything is possible!

    It is inspiring to see so many people at TED making a difference in their own way! THANK YOU
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    Jul 25 2011: Part 1

    Early on in this conversation I stated that I didn't know where to begin, and that's still true but scrolling through what I shared on Facebook yesterday might be a good place to start. so here it goes! (Thank you Joe Delsen for pushing me)

    I'd like to say that the things I share about each Talk is just a bit of what I've learned about them and that i point to knowledge and not the feeling these Talks also gave me!

    http://www.ted.com/talks/mechai_viravaidya_how_mr_condom_made_thailand_a_better_place.html Taught me not only how condoms can change a society and it's birth rate but how a country, or rather the inhabitants of a country are easily empowered to do so if you just educate everyone a bit and... replace Coca cola with condoms.

    http://tedxtalks.ted.com/video/TEDxSaltLakeCity-Jason-Fairbour;Most-popular Taught me a new word "Micro-Franchising" and how sustainable it is in comparison to Micro-financing. I also learned the importance of providing cosmetics to third world places and how it improves on self-esteem.

    http://tedxtalks.ted.com/video/TEDxTokyo-Gunter-Pauli-Balancin;Featured-Talks Taught me an ingenious way of harvesting both solar and wind power (and much more) and that there is actually a really good, well developed list of how to make the world (and your part) sustainable.

    http://tedxtalks.ted.com/video/TEDxCMU-Luis-von-Ahn-Duolingo-T;Most-popular Taught me that every time I send an Email through TED I contribute to deciphering books that computers can't read, I also learned that approximately 750 million people have done this, just by contributing 10 seconds every now and then. I also learned of a great free language-learning website that you are doing good by using, and it's free!

    http://tedxtalks.ted.com/video/TEDxManhattan-Dr-Melony-Samue-2;Most-popular Taught me about the possibility of farming in the Bronx, turns out all you had to do was educate some people and their neighbors will follow! (ran out of chars)
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    Jul 24 2011: Love what comes to light with the correct prodding. Excellent discussion thread. I have learned and built upon learning. I will take my ideas and spread them at large to everyone I meet. My 3 year old son Watches TEDtalks with me. Not for long mind you, but he is getting to know. Love TED.com and it's goals. Ideas-Worth-Sharing. Wanna vote some of these people into congress!
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    Jul 24 2011: To be a true student. To think again... and again. To be ready for the moment when it comes.
  • A A

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    Jul 24 2011: That there is still way too much arrogance in the business and scientific community (companies "discover" the public wants more than one kind of spaghetti sauce, become an ePatient because the Dr.'s not going to be there for you, etc.).
    Education is broken.
    Enlightenment isn't for profit.
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    Jul 24 2011: Easily the most engaging website on the.. web. I have learned to respect an idea without having delivered it myself. I have learned to latch onto hope again. The takeaway here? Bring TED.com everywhere. Classrooms, Home, Theaters, Businesses, Billboards, Everywhere. It pains me that I can't tell the world all at once "watch this. you'll be amazed". Glad for TED's support base, and for the many, many speakers sharing their hearts and minds.
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    Jul 24 2011: I have learnt how to think, live and communicate. This is just wonderful to know TED.
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    Jul 24 2011: I have learned moderation with invigoration. I have learned a new side of conversation; one sided but inclusive and engaging. Like telling a story, but with global impact. I have learned that the power of the spoken word is not lost on the textual generations. I have learned that I can make a difference with a view, a comment, a share, a "like", a message. I have learned, and am learning a refurbished love of shared knowledge. This does not have to be a decade without a "name". The Information Sharing Age. Age of Industry, Technology, Internet, Information/Networking, -Global Sharing and Connectivity through mass broadcast of forward-thinking dialogue .. age. I hope it's a cultural shift towards awareness and application of research, rather than.. more internet .com name dropping, or revamped social platforms. TED provides more than intellectually founded speakers giving passionate lectures on high-tier subject matter. It's a starting point for ideas, it's a breeding ground for community, it's a way of life!! I have learned not to bookmark your favorite sites; have them open when you open the browser. Thanks to the TED team, for everything, all the time.
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      Jul 25 2011: Great enthusiasm Adam! My only complaint is my thumbps up for you have maxed out this week.
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      Jul 26 2011: Hi Adam, i like to use my own words (far too often...;-))...but you made it soooo clear in ur comment. I think TED is a sign that the sleeping "lion" is moving...that the feeling that "something is really going worng" is moving "up"...and I cannot say often enough THANK YOU to all of you for your courage and energy to help TED and thereby helping all people that feel "lost" or "alone" with their views etc. etc. (BIG thank you also to JIMMY).
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    Jul 24 2011: A lot of stuff of life...but the most important one is Being Wrong isn't a disaster :)
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      Jul 25 2011: Personally being wrong I hope, not globally wrong.

      I do see TED as globally transforming our world into a just and sustainable world.
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    Jul 18 2011: TED provides a gateway to ideas, passion and inspiration. It is a well I drink from often and share widely. Listening and watching TED talks widens my heart and acts as a gateway to learning. I buy books of TED speakers from talks which inspire me to learn more and dig deeper.

    TED offers a mechanism for learning which I couldn't have predicted being possible 20 years ago. The liquidity of the internet and democratizing of knowledge is profoundly moving, especially so with TED shedding light on the ineffable power of the human spirit and imagination.
  • Jul 15 2011: In a globalized world, we need platforms like TED to help spread Ideas. The internet has done a wonderful job of this. Tackling big problems--problems that are bigger than one person requires a collective intelligence and that can only be achieved through a global platform of idea exchange.
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    Jul 12 2011: For me, TED is a source of pure inspiration. It makes me appreciate learning, thinking, and doing. It tells me why I should try harder.. It makes me thrilled to know that there's SO MUCH for me to learn, SO MANY people to look up to.
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    Jul 11 2011: I learned that some of the kids I used to teach 5 years ago in middle school already follow ted.com , and I find it exciting.Kinda makes me feel proud, don´t know why.
  • Jul 9 2011: I learnt what lies at the centre of my motivation (Tony Robbins; Dan Pink), I learnt how to improve my productiveness at work (Jason Fried); and learnt how to view life in a more positive and enjoyable manner (Neil Pasricha; Sam Richards; Nicholas Christakis).....the list goes on.

    I'm still trying to apply and share those lessons yet could never have done it without the TED platform and community. A huge thank you to both the inspiring presenters and you the community!
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    Jul 9 2011: I believe in collective intelligence, in connecting people, TED is about sharing great thought with others but also enable feedbacks and experience sharing using Conversation.
    I believe in TED, I believe in spreading ideas I believe in postive thinking. Thank you for your work, thank you all for sharing your though.
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      Jul 10 2011: Like Vincent, I have learned a lot about collaborative consumption, collective intelligence, sharing, giving, empathy and working together for joint goals. If I had to name one thing I have learned, it's that humans are not as egoistic and egocentric as I tended to believe before: countless volunteers and charity projects, illustrated in TED Talks, have shown me that we are not such a bad species after all.
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        Jul 24 2011: Can't help but to agree with you. A complacent culture, but a powerfully volatile species. Hear, hear. I value your difficult, and honest perception. +infinite @TEDtalks
  • Jul 9 2011: I have learned that there is still hope for this world because there are still many genius and intelligent people who are good at heart and contributing ideas to make the world a better place.It is my hope that TED will continue to be a quality instrumental channel for positive change, a site where many world government body will use to implementing positive change for their country.I love this site !
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    Jul 8 2011: A "larger than life" perspective
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    Jul 8 2011: I'm a Chinese undergraduate and i'm major in Business English.
    So i think i can practice my Englihs.
    Then,i can learn many valuable and brilliant ideas.
    I can also expand my recognition to this world.
    Many many things ...
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    Jul 7 2011: The TEDtalks are great. There is so much information and innovation spoken it really opens the eyes to the world today. I must say though I think I have actually learned more form the discussions. With all the points of view and the links that people post it's very educating.
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    Jul 6 2011: For myself.. I got inspired and motivated to a great deal. That humanity is very much alive to this day.
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    Jul 6 2011: I have learnt so much from so many talks that I cannot be specific except to say that they changed my perspective on the world and all great learning is about change.
  • Jul 5 2011: For me, TED turned into the highest wisdom that gives answers for questions I couldn't give answer to myself. It still opens up some untold truths that were always around but nobody paid attention to due to its' simplicity. TED inspires, teaches and unleashes my creative potential.
  • Jul 5 2011: That education can be a self-organized process with Sugata Miitra
  • Jul 4 2011: Stephen Pinker's articulation of how increasing civilization keeps reducing the likelihood of people killing each other.
    I loved the way it resolved two viable intuitions: The obvious "well duh, that's why we call it civilized", vs. the easily believable "We live in an age of mechanized slaughter". That it seems to be continuing is also a great find.
  • Jul 4 2011: always amazed by the human mind, it is a real miracle, how it can generate all these great ideas, and with willpower put it into action.
  • Jul 4 2011: TED is a rainbow of knowledge. Like having favorite colors, I have favorite subjects. But much of the delight comes from the other colors, helping me learn new, interesting and sometimes necessary things. Like traveling, TED has helped me expand my horizons.
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    Jul 4 2011: I first saw Malcom Gladwells video on Pasta Sauce 3 years ago and it said to me "There is a whole world of people out there who think the same, analyze, dream, and realize a possibility in this world" that old world had me previously thinking.. it was 'us against them' almost a systematic separation of everyday people and people who can be highly influential.. it came right in the middle of a personal period of growth, reflection, contemplation, and effectively the process of ego disintegration. Identifying with TED and something called Integral Theory (Ken Wilber's philosophy based on the developmental studies of Clare Gaves in the mid 1900's) has reclaimed my faith in the academy, and has definitely been a huge factor as to the why I have chosen to stay in academia and as a student of the world. I now have hosted a TEDxLive event at my school and am well on my way to contributing the the bright and amazing futures that is ours to mould together.. and what a better place to meet than TED.com! Its a cosmic watercooler of intellectual and passionate stimulation.
    Thank you everyone at TED who has helped enrich and enhance the lives of so many people who would have otherwise never been exposed to such valuable and intruiging ideas.Certainly my love for TED is just as worth spreading as the ideas themselves, as I owe a great deal of personal thanks.

    -The Hermit
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    Jul 4 2011: Learning about the dynamics of shame and vulnerability, which Brene Brown spoke about, has been life-changing. These concepts are fundamental in our being, influence all that we do and, depending on how we respond to them, determine our happiness. This is very powerful! I strongly recommend a watch ^_^
  • Jul 2 2011: I've learned with a little inspiration, Everyone is willing to step up and do someting about the wrongs and injustices in our lives. But it is the truely Inspired that see its just the obvious and right thing to do, and as such they themselves become movers and motivators, when sometimes they didn't even know they possed that ability themselves, We all have a mission, a reason for being, and that one thing that seperates us from everyone else. I find my self closer to the possitivity that we as the human race are capaple of when we are Inspired, and know we all play an importaint role in it.
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    Jun 30 2011: Wow, what a huge question with an even bigger answer. Watching TED talks over the years have helped expand my mind in immeasurable ways. But I think that the most important thing I have learned is not information, but that there are so many wonderful people in the world who really are working towards making it a better place. They have given me HOPE.
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    Jul 27 2011: Live life while it's still good.A very inspiring talk by Stacy Kramer.

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    Jul 26 2011: it's not what's learned, it's an experience that surely will have an impact on me later
    seen more ideas, I came up with my own ideas
    this keeps someone updated
    this I guess can help people to make better decisions
    what decisions are but some experiences, that compose someone's personality
  • Jul 26 2011: I've learnt that the problems we see in society are not a reflection of society as a whole, but rather the voices that have the most power. I've seen amazing ideas, and found hope for solutions to potentially catastrophic failures of society. This hope comes not just in the presentation of these ideas, but in the amazing response to them that I've witnessed. TED gives me a genuine belief that humanity can work to overcome it's biggest problems, even as it appears abundantly clear that the political systems in the world cannot.
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    Jul 26 2011: Hi Martin
    I've learnt that i need research and about all things will told in public.
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    Jul 26 2011: I've learnt so many incredible things that the list would just go on and on and on..I feel like I'm part of a community, part of the world-strangely. TED liberates my mind into new ways of thinking and understanding. Seeing people really wanting to help one another in so many different ways and communicating about them together - plus actually listening! is remarkable.

    Through watching these talks I mainly learnt that I NEED/MUST learn to be brave like the TED Speakers who stand up and express their ideas, and who try to do something about them in order to help make a positive difference in the world. This truly motivates me to want to try and be/do the same, even if it's in small ways.

    I could really go on and on here.. :)
  • Jul 26 2011: My english in not that good but some of the things I learned today:

    - Knitting and crocheting is much coolers that I thought and I'm proud of my crafty hobbys.
    - African literature is wonderful.
    - Thandie Newton is mucho more than a pretty face.
    - Traders might be evil they they come up with some pretty amazing ways to work.
    - Rape and sexual abuse hurts much more than a womans body but still there is hope with people like Sunitha Krishnan.
    - I still don't believe in God but I'm starting to havea sort of faith in some humans (such a few yet).
    - Bees are important.
    • thumb
      Jul 26 2011: Julia, Welcome to TED!

      I think your English is more then adequate (nearly perfect as I see it) for communication with TEDsters, we are a very understanding community and errors in spelling and grammar don't bother most of us, and you'll find that as you write and read more you'll get better and better. This is a community for learning, teaching and sharing!

      We're glad to have you!
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    Jul 25 2011: Part 2

    http://tedxtalks.ted.com/video/TEDxSanDiego-James-Fowler-Back;Featured-Talks Taught me that what I do and how I do it I am influencing not only my friends and you but your friends and even their friends, I know that "We all knew this" but I didn't have it in numbers before! I leaned that what I do and say is even more important then I thought!

    http://tedxtalks.ted.com/video/TEDxSinCity-Bruce-Muzik-The-B-2;Featured-Talks Taught me (as other Talks have before) about the importance of honesty and openness. It taught me (as many Talks have before) the incredible strength of a single individual and the importance that strength can have to so many! It Taught me about Racism and Fear and the joy of concurring them!

    http://tedxtalks.ted.com/video/TEDxYYC-Jamie-Furniss-Recyclers;Featured-Talks Taught me a lot about recycling that I did not know. Even though my country is in the top with 34% there are slums in the world that take care of 80% of their trash and turn it into resources. I've always thought that it was funny how something could be "useless" when the raw materials of the trash clearly had value. I also learned where I need to put my recycling efforts to make a change!

    Yeah.... So that's some of the things I learned YESTERDAY by watching TED Talks, although I really want to point out that these are just the Talks I decided to share on Facebook and that the things I mentioned are just a FEW of the things I learned.
    And I did not share all the different feelings all the Talks gave me...

    (This was fun!) ^^
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    Jul 25 2011: I've learned that there are like-minded souls and orgs out there who are not bound by demagoguery, platonism and the herd mentality. I especially like the fact that most posts come by way of well thought out and even-handed responses, as opposed to off-the-cuff and ignorant vitriol.
  • thumb
    Jul 24 2011: General culture most of the time, but not things i can apply ... except for 1 talk : now, i lace correctly my shoes
    • thumb
      Jul 25 2011: Nicolas, does that also mean to lace correctly everything else that you have the power to influence?

      Great ideas are a great start and is probably enough to transform our personal lives and impact our world. Could there be collaborative social network for actions too?
      • thumb
        Jul 25 2011: I am a student, so, my power is very low :-/
        For exemple, the way we learn maths is very bad and referring to a TED talk, i know that better ways exist, but i can't do nothing for that and my teacher can't do anything more.
        Things need to be changed but the persons who are able do do these changes don't know they.
        But later, i will apply all i learnt ...
        • thumb
          Jul 25 2011: Nicolas, you have great powers and you continue to build it up as you continue to open your mind and heart in your studies.

          Life has many dimensions and each positive influence you can give from your routines impacts the world around you in many ways much like the "butterfly effect".

          One of the best ways to learn math that I know is through khanacademy.org and you probably saw the founder's talk here at TED - Salman Khan, backed up by Bill Gates. Google also backed him up with 1 million USD.
      • thumb
        Jul 25 2011: Hey Joe, what you said is beautiful.
        I think i learn more on TED than at school and i'm of course a khan academy member :-)
        I think it is in another talk i see that what we learn in math classes is useless for our future jobs. We need to work on real problems and with the sames resources like computers and math softwares ... but we are still working on paper, like if computers were not yet invented.
        • thumb
          Jul 27 2011: I think that basic math and science is everywhere and it can practically help us in our daily life. In extreme cases, our aversion to math and science can cause problems.

          I of course wholeheartedly agree with you Nicolas when you mean that the power of our hearts also is essential in translatiing our math and science in caring endeavors, and expressing the limit of our words than only can art and music can show and expound.
      • thumb
        Jul 27 2011: Hi Joe,
        I didn't say that maths are useless but only the maths we learn at school.
        We learn how to resolve simple equations on paper while in our future jobs, we will need to resolve difficult equations using a computer. So, it is a totally different problem and what we learn is very far from what we really need.
  • Jul 24 2011: Everyone has their individual skills..Not everyone has all skills..That shows in TED
  • Jul 16 2011: We are doomed. The rich will live well. The poor will succumb to global warming. Population will start collapsing soon due to world wide famine caused by natural disasters. Internal strife will lead to civil wars and poor countries will implode leaving an anarchic mess. Pirate countries like Somalia will increase. Sea levels will rise and biodiversity will drop. But a new equilibrium will be achieved in a hotter wetter world where humans will still roam due to advances in technology.
    • thumb
      Jul 17 2011: Jaeyun, maybe you can add the adverse effects of solar storm (http://www.solarstormwarning.com/) as ominously foretold by the mayans and graphically portrayed by movies about 2012.

      I believe we do have the power to transform our world and this is the reason to hope as can also be gleaned from TED talks like Debra concludes. http://Bit.Ly/ThePowerInfo

      Our future depends on what we do with this power and whatever happens in the future, we can be somehow comforted by the bigger picture that awaits us as can be peeked by NDE research. http://bit.ly/NDEresearch
      • Jul 17 2011: Of course we have the power to change the world. We could stamp out every disease on the planet, cure cancer, end hunger and reach for the stars. So why aren't we doing so? Want to cure aids? easy. Let everyone who has it stop using dirty needles and unprotected sex. That is not very difficult. Are they doing it? No. Want to fix global warming? easy. Get every nation to use electric cars. Plant trees in the deserts using scientific know how. Stop eating red meat. Fertilize dead ocean areas. Are we doing it? No. Doesn't matter if we have powers close to those of GOD if we are not going to use them. That is the reason for me being fatalistic. As for your funny doomsday scenarios those are might happen scenarios with low probability of happening. Global warming on the other hand is unstoppable. Making fun of it doesn't make it less real.
        • thumb
          Jul 17 2011: I'm with you Jaeyun, our scientific knowledge and power as of today is enough to solve all our problems and my hypothesis is the power of our minds is not enough to solve it as you noted, we also need to ignite the power of our hearts to apply our solutions.

          But some solutions are paid with some sacrifices if we are to get a better global soceity, but it's worth paying for as PM Gordon Brown noted. (http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/eng/gordon_brown_on_global_ethic_vs_national_interest.html)

          I also agree with you on focusing on climate change (http://bit.ly/ClimateChangeFocus) and we do need a fast implementation of our soulution strategies. But we can not do all these if there are other possible risks that may further weaken our global economy.

          I would be glad if the scientists agree with you that there's really nothing to worry about solar storms.
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    Jul 9 2011: I'm 23 years old. I learned many things from TED. It inspired me and added fuel to the burning desire to achieve excellence in my career / entrepreneurship and dare to do what I love. The speech of Dr. Kiran Bedi, Dr. Sunita Krishnan and Mr. Steve Jobs was inspiring and I can still remember their words. Dr. Sunita's speech driving me to do some more things for the welfare of society and to eradicate evils. I also preparing myself to implement the Green concepts of GREEN SCHOOL - Its a great initiative for the sustainable development. Thank you TED.
  • thumb
    Jul 8 2011: A deeper understanding of the world, others and myself.
  • thumb
    Jul 8 2011: it isn't so much that change is being asserted here...no; the human mind has forever been capable of profound thought and unique dialogue. It is that we are able to experience that thought on a larger scale and the spark of imagination and yes; genius is able to light the faces of so many simultaneously and for a positive outcome so quickly. The beauty of this format is that it still feels so intimate and sacred to us, rather like being seated around the fire in a village or in a musty smelling laboratory leaning over a great discovery. What has kept me coming back to TED and what keeps me posting the talks is that spark and the ability that I have to pass it on so readily.
  • Jul 8 2011: It helps me to unravel the mysteries of the universe/ technology/science, helps me to understand how people in different part of the world live, enhances my innovation, super charges my brain.

    Well most importantly i think it inspires us to look out of the box OR to look the same thing with different angle.
  • thumb
    Jul 8 2011: I have been reminded to trust myself. The most profound insights are those that are intuitive emotionally; if only one would take the time to listen carefully to the messages we can hear our body telling us each moment. And I have learned that there are passionate, loving people who want to share what they discover with those of us who only wish we could fly.
  • thumb
    Jul 8 2011: There is hope for the world!!
  • thumb
    Jul 7 2011: Lot of info on various topics
  • Jul 5 2011: What didn't I know? The value of mushrooms, gap finder and the gaps it displayed, water-harvesting in India, medical lab on a chip, and the varied ways people find to make the world a better place. Dain, a few spots below, is right about the new lease on life--and Chad is wrong. Don't throw away the TV; hunt around among all those channels for whatever is good, whatever is lovely, whatever is lovely. If the ratings rise for such shows, there'll be more of them.
  • thumb
    Jul 5 2011: just do it!!
  • Jul 5 2011: Yes I can !!!!
  • thumb
    Jul 4 2011: Nice question. Well, we can almost learn everyday things in common people's life. Endless possibilities in talk we got. Even though, some of the information already discussed in other place.
  • Jul 4 2011: Thanks to Alain De Botton, the way I perceive success has changed totally.
    Thanks to Sir Ken Robinson, the way I perceive my daughter's education has changed dramatically. My wife & I are now equally concerned about her creative & social development as the academic aspects.
    Thanks to Hans Rosling, the way I perceive growth of countries is now more about health than GDP.
    Steve Jobs' How to live before you die is etched in my mind... it drives me to go after what i believe & dream :-)

    Thanks to all the talkers, Chris Anderson & TED team :-)
  • Jul 4 2011: I learned to think differently.
    I met new forms of expression and ways to cause reactions in people.
    I learned that there are many ways to express themselves and that technology has transformed the way we live and see the world.
    The first TED I attended was about the Abrams J.J. mysterious boxes. After this did not stop.
    I am a student of Digital Game Development, I learned a lot about human behavior and technological impacts on daily activities. I also learned to think my games more conscious and better convey my messages.
    I learned a lot about game theory, psychology and history. All this will be useful when I start to work in the Game Development Area.
    As more I learn, more I wanna learn!
  • thumb
    Jun 29 2011: I really don't know where to begin...
    • thumb
      Jul 25 2011: Jimmy, I know your are Tedsterian (a Ted expert and promoter) maybe you can share more specific learnings?
      • thumb
        Jul 25 2011: The thing is that I've watched just about every Talk and learned SOOOO much... hmm... let me go through my favorites and maybe I can put something together!
      • thumb
        Jul 25 2011: There Joe,

        I made a little contribution, thank you for "pushing" me!
        • thumb
          Jul 27 2011: Jimmy, I sensed that you do care greatly about TED and thank you for those great TED insights.

          More on the TV project that you're checking, maybe there is also a way to make TED as popular as Hulu and Netflix on set top boxes, media players like Apple TV or the digital services that goes with the newer TVs and blu-ray players.

          Or simply put TED talks in Hulu or Netflix contents and similar services.

          Another idea that's useful to me and maybe also useful to some Tedsters is to integrate subtitling and make the transcripts easily downloadable.
        • thumb
          Jul 27 2011: Hello Joe,
          As new TEDTalks get added, the English transcripts become available. Then, the subtitles are done by volunteer translators participating in the TED Open Translation Project. Any transcript or subtitle can be easily downloaded directly from TED or from the interface dotsub.com as .srt files which can be converted into any kind of text. I hope that helps.
  • Jul 26 2011: Thanks!
  • Jul 17 2011: It has shown me that I'm voting for the wrong man for President of the US and the right man/woman is not in the running.
    • thumb
      Jul 25 2011: Stephan, perhaps there is still something we can do to positively influence our nation. I think that there is no need to wait. All of our efforts to help our governments are crucial and specially for the US which has great power to transform our world.
    • thumb
      Jul 26 2011: Chris Anderson (the curator of TED) shared this link on Twitter yesterday, check it out! http://www.americanselect.org/
  • thumb
    Jun 29 2011: Martin, with the talks that I have so far watched and understood, I'm constantly amazed by the underlying unity of our beliefs and convictions, on how our different perspectives and deeper knowledge of our world and ourselves play a dynamic interplay with our main faculties to love and inspire and to be loved and inspired - the powers that we need to ignite to transform our world today and enable us to leave a true legacy for our future.

    It is for these reasons that I'm refining a global worldview that can take any belief, any conviction or any issue that anyone would find meaning and relevance and ignite our power to transform our world. http://Bit.Ly/ThePowerInfo