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What have you learnt from watching TEDTalks?

I often find myself bringing up things I have learnt from TEDTalks in conversations with friends and colleagues. What are some of the things you have learnt from watching TEDTalks, that you did not know before?

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  • Jul 5 2011: TED talks have helped to clarify my life's purpose. Although I can't really quantify it, let's just say that in my first 37 years as a meat-eating, car driving consumer in a 1st world country, in my mind I've symbolically contributed to the painful demise of 10 blue whales. If, for the remainder of my life, I can make amends and save the symbolic equivalent of 11 blue whales, then I'll have made a net positive difference. I'm hoping that math reckons itself in the afterlife though. :-)

    But specifically, Ray Anderson has taught me that business is the fastest and most effective way to save the world. If he could do a mid-course correction for a transnational corporation, then there's no excuse for other companies not to do the right thing and still make a profit. I’m very happy with the performance of my Interface stock. Mainly because of Ray, I'm leading a green team at my work place. Janine Beynus has opened my eyes to the truth of biomimicry and revealed that those who follow mother nature’s rules will succeed. From her teachiings, I feel that I intentionally came across an article for Project Kaisei. I am now a volunteer for Project Kaisei and am doing all I can to avoid using plastics and styrofoam in my life and spreading the word. Jill Bolte Taylor spelled out our interconnectedness to one another and everything around us. She taught me that it's my relationships to all beings that will underscore true happiness and that our bodies and minds are a gift to be used in that capacity.

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