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What deeper need do you most want met when you visit the dentist?

I am a solo private practice dentist. I practice at this point, to stay engaged in life by serving others. So, how would I best serve you?

Teeth are important for many reasons - we talk, laugh, kiss, breathe and eat with our mouths. Our mouths sustain our very lives. I have the honor of dealing with this very important area of the body.

So, how do I best make your visit to me pleasant and good? How do I best engage you? What would you secretly like from your dentist that you never get - or what do you get that you don't want?

I work because I love serving people. It's not about a mouth or teeth - it's about the person connected to those parts. How can I best help you?

Any answers will help me better translate my patients' needs, wants and desires into meaningful action on my part. I appreciate any help you can provide!

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    Jun 28 2011: Is it an effort of customer / market research ?

    Well I want my tooth to remain intact after visiting dentist, painless procedures and avoid the need of frequent repeat visits.