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Is it possible that the natural role of humankind is the life cycles of this planet and the physical presence of the God is the Earth?

Evolution has given us higher intelligence. It did not change our natural role in the universe. Distance between each living planet keep us from other forms of living. Otherwise, we are bacteria to the planets. Central nerve systems allow us to think. Then physical presence always comes first. Lives have hierarchy. It depends on scale.

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    Feb 18 2011: Your God is too small. Nothing we can percieve defines God.
  • Jul 12 2011: The universe is a perfect real illusion we are living in and god created it and god works it. We are the part of this illusion and we do exist. An existing illusion that you can feel and understand but only to understand that is an illusion. Everything in the universe is playing it's role in this illusion the stabilize it's perfection. And my friend you are a perfect being in this perfect illusion and you are playing your own role...
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    Apr 16 2011: For instance ,human is just like the data used by some code ,and the earth is the hardware,then where is the code ?And what does the code reflect in the real life?
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      Apr 18 2011: You probably play too much video games. If the universe consists of lives in different levels, it make sense that our world turned out to be like this nowadays. The God is only a manipulator and the biosphere is decaying. It is a process (desertification) that cannot be recovered. It is the truth behind all myths including religions and psychology, as it does or it did in every single planet ever alive.
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    Apr 6 2011: Random thoughts, for what they’re worth…

    Consider how Earth’s continents are slowly dividing. Our Earth, to some higher life forms, would appear to be no more than how a cell dividing under a microscope looks to us... perhaps our sun is no more than a neuron firing to some life forms, while the planets and moons are but protons and electrons.

    As for god, only love can be god, for love is the only thing that all rational adults agree on. The idea that we should try to love each other even carries it’s own authority. No one needs to explain why love makes sense, not even to children, unlike every other belief.
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      Apr 18 2011: Then the god(s) will be personal. The UN statistics have revealed the truth. 24,000 under five deaths around the world each day. 1.44 billion people are living in extreme poverty. 925 million people are living in chronic hunger. At least 1.1 billion cannot access to clean water supply. Where are the charity and love? How does the God talk to the dying children?
  • Feb 22 2011: The statement is ambiguous. I have difficulty to pin point your central issue. Do you endorse the Gaya Theory? Can you please elaborate more?
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      Mar 25 2011: It is neither pantheism nor Gaia hypothesis. The assumption I put forward herewith is that the whole universe consists of lives in different levels. By comparing the structure of the Earth with the mother cell, we have the clues of our natural role in this universe. People resent from the truth such as the absence of lives in the nearby planets and the history of biological evolution from the three domains of lives. Instead, many trend to seek reliefs from religions. "Deceiving yourself is deceiving the others." You all know well that the God never appears physically because we are indivisible (inside her physical presence). The God is only a manipulator, which coexists with us. My question is about the TIME. When will all of us admit the truth that Lives in Different Levels is an universal hypothesis that is the ultimate answer for all religions and our existence.
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    Feb 18 2011: why are you saying that?