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Is it possible that the natural role of humankind is the life cycles of this planet and the physical presence of the God is the Earth?

Evolution has given us higher intelligence. It did not change our natural role in the universe. Distance between each living planet keep us from other forms of living. Otherwise, we are bacteria to the planets. Central nerve systems allow us to think. Then physical presence always comes first. Lives have hierarchy. It depends on scale.


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    Apr 16 2011: For instance ,human is just like the data used by some code ,and the earth is the hardware,then where is the code ?And what does the code reflect in the real life?
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      Apr 18 2011: You probably play too much video games. If the universe consists of lives in different levels, it make sense that our world turned out to be like this nowadays. The God is only a manipulator and the biosphere is decaying. It is a process (desertification) that cannot be recovered. It is the truth behind all myths including religions and psychology, as it does or it did in every single planet ever alive.

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