Onic Palandjian

CEO , Europa Aluminium

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Can you help me with success stories from small countries?

As I am working on my TEDxYerevan talk, “small country BIG BUSINESS” I need to gather business success stories originating from small countries.
My goal is to help entrepreneurs and start-ups from small (even landlocked) countries aim for global success.

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    Jul 1 2011: CONTACT LENS HISTORY - Otto Wichterle
    www.andrewgasson.co.uk/opioneers_wichterle.htm - CachedOtto Wichterle - soft lens inventor and pioneer. Professor Otto Wichterle (1913-1998) had the greatest influence on contact lenses since the second world
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    Jun 29 2011: Onic, I think that big or small, we can be successfull by implementing the right principles that work all together in a total system. Freedom, justice(accountability) and truth (transparency) in our goverenment-business system, with the government ensuring equitability and sustainability as businesses provide for the people's basic needs.

    We can see all the elements of the right success working in nations and business, I think we just need to pick what's best and practical for our own implementations keeping in mind the basic power of our hearts and minds to care, hope and trust which can now be expounded with our digital infrastructures. http://bit.ly/SolutionStrategies
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    Jun 28 2011: Please define small country first............. how small you will call small?
    Is it country with small population ?
    Is it country with small total GDP ?
    Is it country with low per capita GDP ?
    so on ................