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Do you believe in the "Big Bang Theory?" Why or why not?

The Big Bang theory claims that between ten and fifteen billion years ago, the Universe as we know it came into existence when a point of inconceivable density violently exploded and began rapidly expanding at speeds that may have surpassed that of light *, subsequently creating out of the cloud of hydrogen gas the first stars, planets, solar systems, and galaxies. Though many support this theory, there are also many people questioning the process of nothing existing, a sudden, inexplicable rapid expansion of a single point, and the creation of absolutely everything. According to the Big Bang theory, the universe is somewhere between ten and fifteen billion years old, but, based on countless observations, there are stars and galaxies older than the universe - how is that possible? The Big Bang theory is called a "theory" because all theories have the potential to be disproved, and I encourage you to keep this in mind while debating the validity of this popular theory of the creation of our universe.

* Though Einstein's Theory of Relativity prohibits anything within space from traveling at speeds faster than that of light, it does not define the maximum speed at which the fabric of space itself may expand.


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    Jun 28 2011: Question ? Is our universe the first universe to exist ?
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      Jun 28 2011: So far, it is impossible to say, but it has been suggested that our universe might be part of a cycle of universes in which case it might not be the first.
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        Jun 28 2011: I agree, he's a brilliant theoretical physicist and writer - also check out The Elegant Universe, interesting stuff!
    • Jul 1 2011: interesting question , the process may or may not be cyclic but ours is definitely not the first one. Because if something reached a singularity ( or the critical mass state) then something must have sparked the event (I was just stating it as an expansion to the black hole concept of universe creation) !
    • Jul 13 2011: "Question ? Is our universe the first universe to exist ? "
      i do not know exact what scientists say about this questions.
      but philosophers are two category.
      some say only this universe exist.
      some other say our universe is in a chain of universes and other universes existed before.
      also please consider existence of some universes without time and do not assume time for all universes.
      please expand your think beyond limitations of time.
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        Jul 13 2011: I am not a scientist. I can only tell you what I read or hear. Because I believe in a life after death, I would think that somewhere time is endless. I have no idea how that might work. But I consider that a possibility.

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