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Using music to find our own peace of mind.

What's that feeling you get when you hear a great piece of music? Is it exciting? Is it sadness? Is it a peace of mind? The answer is yes. The one thing we never can understand is why we feel the way we feel after hearing a great musician do their job. I would like to know what your experience has been in the past or present listening to music. Weather it be from a memory or a favorite song!

  • Jul 4 2011: This is my experience:First of all, your state of being, is the receiving state or receiving frequency.You can only hear, that which is at the same level of frequency with your frequency.Like radio: to listen to a certain broadcaster you need to tune to the certain frequency, otherwise you can't hear it.Meaning:if you are feeling good, you will ony hear good things.If you are in Good frequency, you will hear only, which is in a Good FrequencyIf you are in a Bad Frequency, you will hear everything, which is in a Bad Frequency.With music:Let's say Mr X is in a feeling good frequency:He hears and sees all kind of good feeling things.Every music can be good for him, because everything which reaches him is in a good frequency.Life feels good!Suddenly he hears the music, played at the funeral of his wife.He gives his attention to the music.This music can be a trigger, a cause to change his frequency from good feeling, to bad feeling frequency,from one moment to the other. One moment ago, he was feeling wonderful, now he is feeling terrible.He is feeling terrible now, because he gave his attention to the music, which was linked to the funeral of his wife in his memory. He can go deeper into his memory of funeral and can feel worse. The funeral is standing for separateness. There is a big hole in Mr. X's life.These feelings can be triggered any moment, if Mr. X is in the state of "looking to life, through the eyes of past memories". Meaning: If this music was linked to a happy memory, Mr X would be feeling good now.So his memories having the control over his feelings. This is the reason, why Mr. X feels, how he feels.You and me, maybe like the music and feel good, depending also on our memories, linked to this music.So, listening to the same music can have different effects on different people.But there is another way to live, then "looking to life through the eyes of memories": Mr.X can chose to watch his feelings and let them be,for what they are, but not allow to control
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    Jul 1 2011: Music according to me is life in itself. Having a feel for music of any kind, makes you a better person. You can be assured of yourself being grounded, in times of success as well as failure !! I feel music makes you more passionate about the things you like or love the most ! :-)
  • Jun 30 2011: Instead of sharing my experience on music, I would like to tell an interesting fact about music therapy.The process of music therapy is person who is affected with coma can be relieved with music therapy.Even doctors suggest that hearing please music such as piano,Violin, Veena helps in relieving mental stress and tension from our body.
    Hear music and increase your life span ....
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      Jul 2 2011: Being a former strong pessimist, I can say that music is a great way to get the momentum going when your goal is to adopt a more positive mindset. When you're always feeling depressed, anxious, stressed or fatigued it can be extremely difficult to convince yourself that you even deserve a change, let alone seek it.
      Once you're able to at least temporarily feel at peace, it's possible to think with a clear mind and see the world for what it is. Only then does change become possible.
      Of course music may not be necessary but it certainly helps.

      So May Tears by Tupac Shakur may not be considered real uplifting especially if you actually listen carefully to the lyrics, but it's definitely a good change from the Black Metal genre.
      • Jul 2 2011: Yes.My approach is also that during depression and when we hear music,it helps in changing complete mindset of a person.This helps him diverting the concentration over another thing and he automatically gets into another stage of thinking.Hence after the situation of person depends on his way of thinking
        Simply,in other words- "Music is not the total cure its just like giving anesthesia to the person before his operation."
    • Jul 4 2011: This is my experience:
      There is certain music vibrating at a certain frequency, which makes you feel good: as far as I know, it is called high frequency music or love frequency, which has no opposite.
      If you give your full attention to this music, your frequency will get at the same level of love frequency and you will be feeling in peace, in oneness. You will be looking to life, through the eyes of, this feeling of oneness and in peace (and not through the eyes of past memories and experiences). You will be look at everybody and everything for what they are and not what you think (through your experience) they are (good or bad, duality).
      What is the reason, why you will be looking different to life:
      because when you give your attention to this music, the love frequency will take your attention back into your body, where the rest of your attention is. Then 100% of your attention will be in your body and you will feel alive. This feeling of aliveness is the feeling of oneness and being in peace. This feelings has no duality.
      It is feeling love without opposite.
      To stay connected to your body and this feeling of oneness, peace and love, you can chose conciously, to take your attention out of the memories and direct it into your body.
      Then this state of being connected will be the eyes, through which, you will be looking to life and experiencing life: in oneness, peace and love.
      This chosing conciously for this state of being will heal you.
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    Jun 28 2011: Sometime musicians are like friends who speaks to you and sometime you just get identified with their perspectives on different aspects of life.

    Just listened to Jack Johnson , a nice start of afteroon;)

    Never know
    • Jun 28 2011: WOW great song! thanks for the share! the lyrics truly hit home and give you kind of a warm and happy feeling. This is totaly a song I would listen to on the beach. amazing song and amazing share thanks again

      - DJ