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Una visiòn estratègica contra la violencia.

Its enough.!!! No more violence, no more fear, no more apathy, no more victims, no more violence in all levels of our lives. We can act strategically and intelligently
against any kind of violence: In the country, any country, in the city, any city, at home, any home, any person. Its enough. We have to take radical means to radical solutions. Sensible solutions and clear definition of the problem.

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    Jun 30 2011: Violence is the creature talking, the nature reacting to the stimuli. Yes, we live in a society of fear where we can do nothing without feeling threatened. But why is that? When we lost the connection, the link, the bridge between nature and intellect?

    Politics, as I said once is the perfect way to entertain people, is a tragi-comical way to entertain. But this is not the essence of the thing, of the city, of the community. We are the essence of the community, when we learn to be with and for ourselves, we will learn how to be with others and take care of others too.
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      Jun 30 2011: Adriana,

      Wonderfully said and where Jaime & I have been focusing as well. The key is community. The key is each person. It has worked in crsis everywhere. It can work now in Mexico..in your beleived city.
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    Jul 6 2011: All kinds and sizes of violence are dreadful, but the problem is more profound than we think. The fragmented vision of things lead people to act against all that surrounds them. What I'm trying to say is that when we lose the integral vision we lose the capacity to be aware of the consequences of our actions, the power of words, the power of violent actions expands very quickly.

    What can we do to heal some of this broken vision?
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    Jul 3 2011: Hi Jaime,

    I have been trying to do a little research on crime in Mexico, the President's attempted crack down and the U.S.involvement.

    I get the sense that your President may be more aligned with America's interests since the U.S. is essentially funding his war oin drugs. I get the sense that is not about the safety and security of Mexican citizens and visitors from around the world but about cracking down on the centers of growth and trade in drugs that most effect the UnitedStates

    .Since the U.S.involvement and our funding of the drug war is really about our own interests and not about protecting the safety and well being of innocent Mexicans,.I think all Mexican people should demand that this war on drugs take better account of and have more focus on citizens and visitor sfatey, more emphasis on taking back the streets in histsoric cities like Guadalahara

    .In NYC the War on Crime was won with a radical and very successful city with system called comstat. It allowed better city wide communication amongst local police precincts, provided better ways to take in and uitlize citizen input and set citywide goals and targets on specific crimes. Perhaps a technology transfer is possible between the New York City Police Department and Guadalahara.In the beginning if NYC's war on crime , when Comstat first began, we also a very serious problem of police corruption, as Mexico does now. I understand that is why your President is using militray rather than police

    But that seems unwise to me.You cannot have citizen safety without a strong corruption free local police sysytem. So here again, Mexican citizens should demand that the President include in his efforts routing out local police corruption and stregthening local police departments. Perhaps New York City's experience there would be helpful as well.
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      Jul 3 2011: Lindsay Really I apreciate your comment. Sure that all citizens are in a insecure situation, we trust in the military intervention but as acupunture but not as a general strategy. The corruption is one of the sides, the other is the trade and consumption from the US black markets that receive and trade with the mexican druglords. In the US the addicts are a lot of persons that go to see fot their doses in the streets of almost every city, In Mexico produce and in the US consume. Its a multifactorial problem with a lot of new faces. The drug ans homelñand security in Mexico is turned in a political war and almost a high rise conflict with the urban and rural violence.
      We need all the support and your words and exaples shared with me are an importan contribution to the real solution. In the meantime the violence is up and down. Here in Guadalajara we have a relative status of nice way of living. But as all the mexican big cities we also have a tremendous conflict with all the interactions between authorities and citizens. The NY strategy is very interesting to see and research to find how we can adapt in our real dimension. Thank you very much.

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      Jul 4 2011: Signora Lindsay il mio rispeto per lei. Luigi is Luigi, I' am Luigi Vampa from Rome. Im an constant guest from the Conte and Baronessa, and now they are in their duties in the Vatican.Our friedship with Jaime and Adriana is to close and long ago, we were classmates in the University. Latter we'll be together, maybe in October. In the mean time my vacation is too long. Il mio ferroagosto is plenty of time to participate and study. My field is strategy studies in all senses. Your appreciation is correct and very sharp in strategy and tactics.


      Luigi Vampa
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        Jul 4 2011: Hello Luigi,

        Nice to see you here and thank you for your kind remarks about my offering on ConStat and on reficusing the Mexican Prseudent away from U.S. interests to the interests of his own nation, his own people.. Hope you may offer some of your own strategy here.

        I am ashamed to say that until Jaime put this up for discussion and the TED Talk was presented ( did you watch that???) I had no idea of any of this. It's just not presented in American news. And as I don't winter in Mexico or have any close freinds there I am not well informed .

        I am glad of the chnace of this comversation to highlight what is happening, to highlight the U.S. possibly not good role in this and to bring support to the Mexican people.
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    Jul 3 2011: Signore Hrdlovic

    The violence from the police is an answer.

    Who formule the question, and what kind of question is that obligues to use the violence?.

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    Jul 2 2011: FIFTH DAY. THE ACTION

    Quiet and smart actions. The kid whipped can said loud and point his agressor. The women violented could put some messages in her door claiming for help and point the agressor. The citizen alrming by insecurity could organiza neighbos meetings and point the agression to confront.
    Confront the violence with the non-violence, but with strategical thinking and support.

    Doing the right action in the right time, in the right space.
    The real weapon is communication.
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    Jul 2 2011: Jaime & Adriana,

    Last night my vast central meadow was alive with countless fireflies and the sky alight with countless stars refelecting in the cove .Brilliant point s of light dancing everywhere. I wrapped this vision of dancing lights around your hopes for Mexico and held it there for you.
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      Jul 2 2011: Lindsay, the images that you transmited us with your words are so beautifull. I can see clearly the light dancing, the stars above as an announcement of goodwill and eternal grace. Thank you for thinking in my country. We have a strong hope and tremendous will to achieve a paradise. A very utopical hope and we utopians are firmly rooted in the real world. Nice weekend in your paradise.
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    Jul 1 2011: Hi Jaime
    Through google translated your caption.
    Agree with you , let's move forward. We really had enough of Violence at any level as rightly said by you.
    How can we move....? Tell me , I will be with you.
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      Jul 1 2011: Salim I believe that the first thing is denounce the violence and point the violent. Its a challenge but is worth and brave.
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    Jul 1 2011: "En el resultado de toda luha contribuyen por partes iguales el que triunfa y el que es vencido'. No es el virus la causa decisiva del mal, sino el debilitamiento del organismo en que aquel anida".
    I leave you this quote from Salvador Borrego, I think he explains clearly why we have this much violence.
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    Jul 1 2011: FOURTH DAY. THE WILL

    We have to found the seed of well. Its inside, in the heart. The will is broken with many things, but the first one is individualism, or ego, in the real word that uses the moders disguise of selfestem. The city is not a bunch oe egos is our natural house, our cradle. If we dont' have the will, all its over, anr our cities are infected with violence. If we cant value our space, our soil, ourland, we cant value the community. The will to convivenciality has to be found and develop.
    The violence is a human reaction, and not belonging to this or that culture. There are so many styles of violence, Styles because are just a point over the sea of despotism and pity. The main roots are under the level, like in the iceberg. The warm and good will can disolve the ice of violence.
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      Jul 1 2011: It's all about action without reward. We have to make any action because is our time and moment to do it. What we learn and what we do is meant for us to find the way to share and to learn something else. The hard thing us to focus the will towards this kind of selfless action.
  • Jul 1 2011: Hi Jaime and Lindsay, totally agree with you! I also like Dolores Hayden's "The Power of Place. Urban Landscapes as Public History" where "she explore how communities and professionals can tap the power or historic urban landscapes to nurture public memory" and with that "sense of place". What she writes seems particularly relevant for our "idiosincracia mexicana" and pride for national history.
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    Jun 30 2011: I apologize for not being able to comment in Spanish. The talk was jaw-dropping. I hope he is willing to back up his words with actions.
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    Jun 30 2011: THIRD DAY. THE PEOPLE. 1

    The people is the key, the sense of community is the real common sense. A reality that the systems couldnt see because the equation is out of balance. This missing part lef an empty niche that is occupied by the violence. The missing part is in the heart of each member of the city. The citizenship has to be redefined. ¿Who redefined this? Not the politicians or money lords, not the media barons, not the church or religion, Just the people has the right to do it. The violence is waiting for thetired or dissapointed feelings in the community. We have to see the history to learn or remember how we deal with the violence.
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    Jun 29 2011: SECOND DAY. THE FIELD

    The city is the contemporary space to achieve peace and viiolence. Is the field to determinate strategical designs in function, form, use and shape to nurture the community. The political sistems are almost all in decadence. Their propaganda agendas are not enough to convince or guide the people to confidence and common well. The violence is a reaction to express the rupture between confidence and time. When the time erodes the space, the friction creates violence in any form. The city planners, authorities and commercial and financial powers are now inccapables to achieve hope as common sense of confidence in the individuals.

    If we think first in the whole vision of culture, we found that violence is a response to piolence, just a reaction. Michel Mafesolli, sociologist, talks about the process of cure violence, but not dissapearing it from the social panorama, but taking as another integral part of common living. The possibilities of some sort of homeopathy to cure violence begin with the right focus to aloud the natural expression of anger or discontent. The peace cuodl be desireable but is not a perfect dream. The utopia against the myopia of strategies to hold the flow of violence.
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    Jun 28 2011: Jaime..just checked Aamazon and many ofJane Jacobs books are still available


    You may not have Amazon in Mexico but you could use these titles to search Better World Books which is worldwide.
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      Jun 28 2011: Lindsay I already did the search for Jane's books. I have some of her articles from diverse magazines. We have Amazon as you have and a wonderfull service from UPS. Without doubt the sace have an inmense power in the definition of a city's values. We have to deal with a city very old and young at the same time. We suffer an inmense lost of heritage just by local financial intrigues with the land owners. The heritage lost is more than a 70% of our old city. And the expansion in space and roads give us the first place in the rate car-citizen in all the country. We have 5 cars per one person. Our population in the main city is about 1'700,000 inhabitants, and the next villages are now part of the city with more than 5.5 millions people in our urban area. A real madness.

      We have to develop plans to achieve the growth but we have also a big technological assimetry.
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    Jun 28 2011: Jaime

    I wanted to share another initiative that worked very well. We had public housing projects ( not modified by Oscar Newman) no ttoo many blocks from our affluent enclave of elegant brownstones. The projects were a source of most of the violence in our neigborhood and it was almost imposisble to track a perpetrator..the projects would just swallow them up

    .A few key leaders in my neighborhood decided to start a mentoring program between project kids and adults in our community. We each "adopted" a child or two and saw them regularly two or three times a week to do support and discuss homeowrk assignments. It built very strong family to family bonds and through that very strong neighborhood to neighborhood bonds.

    We eneded up supporting them in their efforts to make their own neighborhoods drug free and safe and they helped us by identifying to the police where the perpetrators lived and what their comings and going were. Often leaders from both neighborhood groups would speak together in partnership at Community PLannng Board meetings,articulating commoin goals and common strategies for security, safety and crime prevention

    . A very low cost strategy arising wholly out of voluntarism and civic action. ( but again importantly served and supported through the neighborhood based redistricting initiative)
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    Jun 28 2011: Hi Jaime

    I also wanted to speak a bit to the relationship between the architecture of a neighborhood , community idenity and crime prevention.

    In graduate school I was a research associate and assistant to Oscar Newman whose first book "Dfensible Space" was an international sensation. Theidea was, in essence that the architecture of a community has to create a sense of specific shared space and invite and provide places for initmate gatherings and outdoor uses..not gated communities, but communities with a sense of place from the most private and intimate of our own homes to block, to neighborhood and so on out to larger idnetification with specific geographic areas. He moidified poorly designed crime ridden public housing projects to include these architectural features and turned broken crime ridden, bleak despatarte place to places poeple were proud of. cared for themselves, gathered at sand lots to chate while their little one's played--no crime..no drug trafficing. And that community then became more invloved in issues and problems in the surrounding community. Each strong slef goverened community is a seed that can grow beyond its own boundaries.

    I also want to mention a very early wor kin City Planning ( that was my early work) by Jane Jacobs called "Eyes on the Street".

    My own undergraduate Thesis at the New School was on this principle that the weeds of alienation and disenfranchisement and non engagement in "community" begin to take over whenever we don't have a strong sense of "home" and "neighborhood".
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      Jun 28 2011: Lindsay you are an angel. Jacobs and Newman are strongly guides for my approach as designer and counselor in the City Governement. The architecture is an art that could be used in warfares. The sense of neighborhood are linked to space, us of the space and significance of the interaction between people, space and objects. In a manner to achieve architecture for security, our cities were contructed follow a military model used in the Granada reconquer war in the xiv century. The spanish arranged the camp in a square grid. And we follow that pattern even in the name of the camp. Santa Fe de Granada....and 80 years latter , in the new world were builted more than 280 cityes in that arrangement. This tell me a lot about thwe use of space with defensive objetives. Today our cityes are open spaces with no boundaries. My city Guadalajara, grows every day more than 30,000 square mts. The city born in 1542 after three foundation attempts in different sites. An born as a military setlement. Later the city became more civilian space with the emerge of a new bourgoise with spaniards and their sons "criollos". In the neigborhood next to my home are one of the most dangerous places in the city, and all the gangs are moving to new territories. Here we have a real problem with security, and the solution aganist the violence are, as Emiliano said best. No fear and action without the feeling of a victim. Please tell me more about Jane Jacobs, she is a light in the midst. Thank a lotLindsay.
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        Jun 28 2011: Hi Jaime..I don't know if any of Jane's work is still around(.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jane_Jacobs)

        Would you like to inherit my City Planning Library though?..many wonderful books including Oscars, Christoper Alexander, Ian McHarg..the great visonaries of the 70's

        .In my early days as a planner in New York City I did a lot of work for the charter revision commission of New York City. One of my projects was to delineate the sub unit s of governmnet ( community planning boards, council manic districts, congressional and senate districts based on "perceived neighborhood" or perceived cultural traditions. We tried to keep hassidic communities in Williamsburg and Crown Heights unbroken and undivided by any political district line..same with the Italian, Polish, Middle Eastern,Hispanic Communities. We tried to build "neighborhood identity" into the redistricting so that "neighborhood" and concerns of "neighborhood" always had a voice. And by preserving that voice at the neighborhood level in huge cities like New York we also provided an enduring encouragement to civic awareness and civic action. ( This was not ethnic districting, by the way..In NYC "neighborhoods" have a distinct culture..their own language,eateries, dry good stores, traditional festivities and celebrations, multi generational family connectedness to a partiicular place)

        .Strengthening these "neighborhood" ties is a very important part of saftey, secuirty and encouragement for civic awareness and civic action. ( In essence this was what Jane Jacobs work was all about)
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          Jun 28 2011: Lindsay....wow...we are in the same track. Since the sixties I'm founder and maniacal support of Whole Earth Review, and I built the first Ecological Design Group and scholl here in Guadalajara. Ian, and Bucky was my inspiration then and now. I'm still in relation with all the groups that emerges from all that lovely days when we all sang Turn Turn Turn from Eclesiastes. Today I push a lot to modify the planning stream in my city. Your words are like fresh water for me, because as you know very well, sometimes the fatigue are not phisycal but some sort of desilution. The violence came here in many forms but themost perverse disguise in in bureaucratic shape.
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        Jun 28 2011: Jaime yes..uncanny how much common ground. we hold and travel ( If you contact me vua TED email I'll send you my email and through email I can send you a list of my planning libabry items..happy to send whatever you want)

        Just wanted to add on the neighborhood based redistricting I did for the Charter Revision Commission, this also fostered better communications between local police precincts and the neighborhoods on crime and safety issues. Citizens watch groups could work out specific police response and support,. encourage more ferquent patrols in needed areas andalso give th epolice very useful eyes on the street information about trouble spots and perpetrators.
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    Jun 28 2011: Hello Jaime,

    What Emilio is pointing to isn't just in Mexco. We here in the U.S. also have a big disconnect, a massive disengagement as citizens which allows our country to do much that is wrong throughout the world.

    In mexico it may be about crime and violence, here it is about turning our nation over to private interests at the expense of our people .I think his analysis is correct that it's a kind of paralysis of helplessness..a sense that there's nothing we can do about it as individuals.What he is calling the citizens of Mexico to is what my generation had and used to bring about social change in America..grassroots non violent activism. We stood against racism in the south. We stood against the war. We stood for womens rights. We made a difference.

    Ultimately in every situation when the will of the people is united and expressed it will prevail. May it be so in Mexico

    .When I first went to live and go to school in New York City in the late 60's it was also in the grips of crime and fear. Muggings and home burglaries were almost routine. The subways were dangerous, the streets were dangerous, the parks were no mans lands where no one dared to go. It is paralyzing when violence is so close to your life at every moment. Paralyzing to be mugged in the streets or to come home to your home torn apart and all your valuables gone. It eats away at spirit.

    On our block we had a system of boat horns. If anyone witnessed any violent or threatening behavior we sounded the horn and everyone chimed in ..the police were called, the men came into the streets while the ladies kept the horns going. We kept cameras handy and took photos.t Really freaked out the criminals that had plagued us . Word spread quickly, No one bothered us again. Our action forced the police into action as well.Our insistence made them effective .All of New york is now safe thanks mainly to government leadership but grassroots action can bring that leadership into being.
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      Jun 28 2011: Hello Lindsay nice to see you and thanks for your post.

      The very firt thing that I took is the horn. I'll propose to my neighbors because we live in a city frontierland with the bad guys. Of course we dont have more time to be paralizaed. That practical and simple solutions can afford a descense of violence rates. I include in my analysis the slow motion violence against childs and woman, the home violence, the hunger and poverty and also the tremendous problem os the garbich in the city. The same than Napoli, we have a real big issue with this kind of violence. Maybe I'm an utopian but im not blind. Utopia and myopia are not the same. If you see, you have a very important clue. THE WORD. Silence is allied with violence. We have to go from our personal affairs to the public affairs. Violence and silence is a ver dangerous couple. And if the word is transformed in action, better. Your horn is a word, an alarm to all.
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    If we see closer the violence in history, we can accept their omnipresence in almost everywhere. Foundational beliefs, rites, traditions, practices, myths. In the social spectrum of history we can see thie violence troUgh four different windows: A. The Divinity Foundation, B. The Aristocratic Basis, C. The Technical Approach, and D. The Chaos.

    The violence is also a language with his own sintaxys, and rethorics, codes, rules, even an ortography. If we study the violence as a symbolical system we can found structures that support all the violence present in the :
    A. Society to Person, B. Individual to Community, C. Intimacy to Public.

    The violence can focus as a metaphor. So te question emerges: From where, to where occurs, and who is the guide to go?
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    Jun 28 2011: And anyway if I dont obtain response, anyway I have very clear my task. Define and design intelligent strategies to confront the violence.
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    Jun 28 2011: First we have to define violence. We can't fight against an unknown enemy. The violence and fear creates confusion and more fear. Emiliano said clearly the four levels. But we have to recognize the violence and all their masks. In all the world we suffer violence in all shapes, disguises, forms , colors and protected by any kind of justifications. Can we stop violence, can we confront the violence and the victim?. This TED space is to search for the means to cure violence. In all world history we can find a lot of violence: from words, to acts to justify it. Why we dont trat to the reenchantement of ourselves, our families, our citys and neighborhoods, our countryes and cultures?

    I invite all TED community to share their enlightments, ideas, concepts and proposals. Please be welcome to this effort.