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Una visiòn estratègica contra la violencia.

Its enough.!!! No more violence, no more fear, no more apathy, no more victims, no more violence in all levels of our lives. We can act strategically and intelligently
against any kind of violence: In the country, any country, in the city, any city, at home, any home, any person. Its enough. We have to take radical means to radical solutions. Sensible solutions and clear definition of the problem.


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    Jul 1 2011: FOURTH DAY. THE WILL

    We have to found the seed of well. Its inside, in the heart. The will is broken with many things, but the first one is individualism, or ego, in the real word that uses the moders disguise of selfestem. The city is not a bunch oe egos is our natural house, our cradle. If we dont' have the will, all its over, anr our cities are infected with violence. If we cant value our space, our soil, ourland, we cant value the community. The will to convivenciality has to be found and develop.
    The violence is a human reaction, and not belonging to this or that culture. There are so many styles of violence, Styles because are just a point over the sea of despotism and pity. The main roots are under the level, like in the iceberg. The warm and good will can disolve the ice of violence.
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      Jul 1 2011: It's all about action without reward. We have to make any action because is our time and moment to do it. What we learn and what we do is meant for us to find the way to share and to learn something else. The hard thing us to focus the will towards this kind of selfless action.

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