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Una visiòn estratègica contra la violencia.

Its enough.!!! No more violence, no more fear, no more apathy, no more victims, no more violence in all levels of our lives. We can act strategically and intelligently
against any kind of violence: In the country, any country, in the city, any city, at home, any home, any person. Its enough. We have to take radical means to radical solutions. Sensible solutions and clear definition of the problem.


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  • Jul 1 2011: Hi Jaime and Lindsay, totally agree with you! I also like Dolores Hayden's "The Power of Place. Urban Landscapes as Public History" where "she explore how communities and professionals can tap the power or historic urban landscapes to nurture public memory" and with that "sense of place". What she writes seems particularly relevant for our "idiosincracia mexicana" and pride for national history.

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