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Una visiòn estratègica contra la violencia.

Its enough.!!! No more violence, no more fear, no more apathy, no more victims, no more violence in all levels of our lives. We can act strategically and intelligently
against any kind of violence: In the country, any country, in the city, any city, at home, any home, any person. Its enough. We have to take radical means to radical solutions. Sensible solutions and clear definition of the problem.


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    Jun 30 2011: Violence is the creature talking, the nature reacting to the stimuli. Yes, we live in a society of fear where we can do nothing without feeling threatened. But why is that? When we lost the connection, the link, the bridge between nature and intellect?

    Politics, as I said once is the perfect way to entertain people, is a tragi-comical way to entertain. But this is not the essence of the thing, of the city, of the community. We are the essence of the community, when we learn to be with and for ourselves, we will learn how to be with others and take care of others too.
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      Jun 30 2011: Adriana,

      Wonderfully said and where Jaime & I have been focusing as well. The key is community. The key is each person. It has worked in crsis everywhere. It can work now in Mexico..in your beleived city.

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