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Donate your FLOPS (Computing power) for the greater good!

Have you ever thought about how much computing power you have that you mostly don't use!? (It's a lot!)

There is a way to use your excess computing power for the greater good while not being in front of the computer!

And it's up to YOU to choose what's important, if it be the cure for cancer, studying global warming or searching for ET, it's all a matter of preference.

Please visit to download the client and learn more or Wiki

Active: 306,409 volunteers, 469,263 computers.
24-hour average: 5,283.24 TeraFLOPS.

Help your computer help the world!

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    Jun 27 2011: Nice link, Jimmy!

    I "donated" some flops back when SETI@home needed them, since then I was not aware of such projects. I'll definitely give it a try and I expect to stick to it, after all my laptop is on quite a lot.
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      Jun 27 2011: Hi Sabin, thanks!

      I think SETI still needs help :P
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        Jun 28 2011: Yes, but I was somewhat disappointed with the complete lack of results, so I guess I'd support another @home project now.
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          Jun 28 2011: Yeah, I know what you mean... I was sitting in front of my idle computer just hoping that I would be the one that deciphered that message... Still, it is an ongoing project and there is A LOT of data floating around in the universe...

          Please tell me what project you've decided upon when you find a fitting one.
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    Jun 27 2011: Used to have it, but my computer can't stand it. When I have a computer with a proper graphics card I might give it another go.
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    Jun 27 2011: Also, I would be glad to help you help your computer ;)
    If you're not that technical or just don't get it please post a comment!