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I am looking for a specific talk, any help would be greatly appreciated

I am trying to find the talk where the speaker recorded some emotional confessions anonymously via voicemail or something similar and put them all together and playd them back. I can't remember the context and many more details other than it was a bunch of voicemail recording with peoples confessions and private thoughts put together and played back. Hope i posted this in the correct section, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Jun 27 2011: Hi Adam,

    Sorry, I don't know of the talk you're asking for... Have you asked TED for help, they might know... or
  • Jun 27 2011: Just emailed them, many thanks
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      Jun 27 2011: Sure, no problem!

      Why is this talk so important to you by the way?
      • Jun 27 2011: I just remembered it and wanted to see it again. It was quite a moving talk with a lot of people leaving anonymous voicemail messages regarding their struggles and troubles with relationships and other problem areas of their lives. I thought it was a rare insight into real peoples thoughts which are normally kept private due to the inevitable repercussions of being completely open with friends and family.