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Now that TED displays videos in languages other than English, which non-English TEDx video would you like to see on the TED webpage?

Many of us who speak another language besides English will have watched non-English TEDx talks and wished that this could be broadcasted to a wider audience on the main TED webpage.

I myself have watched many talks hosted by TEDxParis and would like to see Etienne Klein's talk "Peut-on penser l'origine de l'Univers ?" made available to all TEDsters. (and if TED needs a French to English translator for subtitles, I have a suggestion...)

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    Jun 28 2011: Actually, all the speeches are welcome as long as the english (or mothertong) subtittle exist :o) It's a very good idea to put as much speeches as possible as the public of TED is so diversified.
    And it's always a good thing to ear other langages even if you don't understand it and only read the subtitles. You can learn more than you think. Acvtually I realise looking at TED improved my english without any effort (I'm french speaking and don't practice english in my daily life).
    Long life to TED ;o)