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I have a dream to rebuild people's lives

There are scores of folks just like me who have fallen off their horse due to circumstances beyond their control. Some have been hit hard by chronic unemployment (prejudice towards senior workers), some have lost their spouse and children through divorce, others are homeless sleeping in their car and have become street-wise in order to stay under everybody’s radar.

I want to setup a business which generates enough cash flow to provide employment and a safe living environment where we can rebuild those shattered lives. I have no experience of how to deal with drug addicts or those who suffer a mental illness. They are not those I want to reach. I want to return dignity, hope, self-esteem, self-worth to those who are oppressed and are just a hand’s breadth away from giving up and falling into depression. And yes I an a Christian and I feel it is the right time for me to make a difference in my world…

  • Jul 15 2011: Hi Bruno

    I am a person with mental illness, you say you are not looking to reach out to us. WE are the opressed Bruno, look around you and you will easily see this. We do recover with a leg up and some patients on the part of people like you who want to give. Thank you for listening. You can't be selective in who can rebuild their lives as anyone is capaple. I have schizophrenia, work full time, own my own home and help support my mother and I did it on my own. So if I were you I wouldn't exlude us, we did not ask for illness anymore than someone asks to lose their job.
  • Jun 27 2011: I think you've got the right idea, but you're going to need to nail down the specifics if you really want to make a change. As much as I hate to play the capitalist, the first thing you're going to need to look at is profit. This enterprise will need to be able to sustain itself; venture or charity capital is not a variable you can afford to rely on.

    Start by taking a survey of these folks and their skillsets. Which are the most common? Find a service or industry which you can afford to break into that leverages the skills of the people you plan on hiring. Don't be too broad, but don't pidgeonhole yourself. The last thing you want to be saying is "Sorry, you're not what we're looking for".

    Second, you're going to need a very clear vetting process and terms of employment. Though you mentioned you don't have experience with personal problems such as drugs and mental illness, these will be present in some form more often than not, either as cause or effect. Clear, fair language in contracts and an atmosphere of awareness towards this and other workplace issues will work much better than trying to filter them out or sweep them under the rug. You may be able to hire - or form connections with - legal or psychological professionals down the line as you get the ball rolling.

    That's all I can suggest. Best of luck.
  • Jun 27 2011: I agree with the comments of Jack and Connor.
    Having worked in the Not-for-profit sector there are a number of groups that you would do well to contact, rather than reinvemnt the wheel / re-discover what has been done / compete with existing groups. Your dream is the calling of your heart, and there may not be anyone else "doing" it yet, but walk alongside others at least while you learn. Some groups are BCS, Centacare, Fusion, Anglicare, Emerge, Imanginations, ... and others that I can talk about with you on the weekend.
  • Jun 27 2011: I like it Bruno, this has been done dozens of times. No harm in creating another one though.

    Go voluntary sector / charity sector!