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How do you deal with data deluge (too much email, too many tweets, etc.)?

Live TED Conversation: Join TED Fellow Jon Gosier

Jonathan Gosier is a designer, software developer, lover of data science and the co-founder of metaLayer which aims to contextualize the mobile and social web. He is the system architect of the SwiftRiver platform, an Ushahidi effort to make sense of streams of realtime data.

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    Jun 27 2011: what if we were more visual...moving away from text, we would be able to have much more data-excess.

    A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a thousand pictures, an animation or visual infographic go beyond that again giving more focus, so is the media we speak through extremely relevant?
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        Jun 27 2011: Exactly, if we were to learn through text, it would take a 400page volume, learning through video is a 5min youtube clip, hence why this is so interesting.....

        Although my friends and I did try to learn to C-walk a few years ago through youtube, and were not successful. :( !!!
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          Jun 27 2011: Right on, I learned this lesson fairly early on running a massive open source project. I t wasn't until I started making videos that anyone ever really 'got' what the project was and started participating.
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      Jun 27 2011: James, I would assert that only well edited video is worth 1000 pictures. Countless online videos are unedited or edited poorly, and the wasted time is a frustration to many. What everyone is craving is economy of expression in the media they consume.

      Also, I think it is critical for members of a successful society to balance their online/offline time. One example: We see many chained to their smartphones while in the midst of dinner with friends. This comes across to many as rude and unacceptable, yet many still feel they must respond to texts/tweets immediately.

      I'm glad to see proactive conversations about information overload, such as this conversation.
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        Jun 27 2011: Totally agree. I was referring to the high end edited video's.

        I would think the interface between the virtual world and the material used to be the computer, now is the smart phone and tomorrow will be almost invisible and seamless. The question will always remain 'how do we switch off and out?'

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