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Creativity is something you born with or you can learn how to be creative?

i really don't have an opinion about that.i would like to know what the TED community has to say.

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    Jun 29 2011: My reply on a closed topic:

    1) Learn a lot of things from a whole wide range!
    2) Learn some more things (practice practice practice)
    3) try and see patterns (actually, if you haven't learned a lot of pattern techniques, metaphors, or math by now, go back to phase 1)
    4) connect things that were previously unconnected, first in your imagination, then in reality
    5) repeat 4) all the time, and you'll be a creative genius

    + The whole nature/nurture debate is not either/or, it is and and.

    No-one will develop creativity if not nurtured sufficiently,
    No-one will be equally creative if nurtured the same way.
  • Jun 28 2011: I agree with many of the comments that we are all born with our own unique talents and creativity. You can see this in children up to the ages of about 5-7 yrs. Then we place them in rigid organized educational systems and that's the end of that, for many.
    • Jun 29 2011: Dear Ann;
      I totally agree with you; we brain-wash children’s mind with existing systems made by previous generations. As long as children’s do not know today’s solutions; they will surely find out new and better ones.
      • Jun 29 2011: Shokrullah, indeed. We are here to facilitate the development of their innate talents. Khalil Gibran said it best:
        "Your children are not your children.
        They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.
        They come through you but not from you,
        And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.
        You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
        For they have their own thoughts.
        You may house their bodies but not their souls,
        For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,
        which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
        You may strive to be like them,
        but seek not to make them like you.
        For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday..."
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    Jun 27 2011: We are born with the natural ability to be creative, and we do this by using our imagination.
    The more we develop our imagination, the easier it is to be 'creative'.
    Our 'creative problem solving skills' can be enhanced anytime throughout our life, when someone teaches us how to view one problem from many different directions; which we can only do by using our imagination to create the answer.
  • Jul 1 2011: Laszlo Polgar decided to perform an experiment using his own daughters as "research" subjects. It was his belief that anyone could be turned into a genius. His started with his first daughter Susan, who was interested in chess and would become a chess superstar. Susan became a top Grandmaster and Women's world champion.

    Judit Polgar her sister has the highest chess rating of any women in the world. She defeated a Master in a blindfold game i.e. she did not have sight of the board---at age 5. Her sister Sophia, the "weakest" of the sisters had one of the top five performance ratings in a tournament ever seen. She beat 8 of the top players in the world in a row and coasted on her last game and allowed a draw in a favorable position.

    Nature or nurture? Did the girls start out as geniuses where their talents were partially exploited or were they really "average" and Laszlo's regimen was responsible for their success?
  • Jun 29 2011: I agree with many of the comments that every human is born with different talent; so this means that; we only do not differ from each other on how we appear, but on we think too. It is beautiful thing about Human. Further, to polish or let your talent be flown; do the followings:
    1- We should understand roadblocks to creativity first.

    For example, (1) fear, (2) no appetite for chaos, (3) preference for judging over generating ideas, (4) dislike for incubating ideas, (5) perceived lack of challenge, and (6) inability to distinguish reality from fantasy.

    Fear is by far the most significant roadblocks and the fear factor can be devastating and controlling. Recognize it; face it; and help others do the same.

    2- Remove Road Blocks To Creativity
    To do so, the three building blocks are described next to fight the road blocks for creativity flow in following ways:

    Play. During play you anticipate, surprise, feel pleasure, understand, strengthen, and poise. The element of play is fun and the outcomes seem quite attractive, so why don’t we play as adults. It is also called serious play like gaming education context. Go play games of your choice.

    Improvisation. As trainee, you need to have greater sense of self and a greater tolerance of failure. Improvisation skills help to eliminate the fear factor, allowing ideas to flow freely.

    Observation. Observation is a vehicle for understanding lives and situations in the context you are trying to know. Participating and observing are both important because in both situations you are living in the environment that you are studying. The process helps you understand the problem by physical being inside that problem. For example, to understand poverty, you live some days inside that poor community, as result, you understand the problem and this helps to generate idea for solution of that particular problem.
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    Jun 28 2011: All humans are innately creative. The problems is we do a poor job of channeling our energy so we end up creating problems for ourselves, on individual, and cultural levels. The world would be a much better place if people started creating with intention.
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    Jun 27 2011: The number one rule to Creativity is that there are No Rules.
    Know that truth, & you can accomplish anything.
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        Jun 27 2011: Kathy, I get what you mean... Didn't say that it was absolute, just thought that it was a relevant and good video.

        Note: Sir Ken definitely has higher plausibility then your empiric evidence...
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    Jun 27 2011: I think may people would define creativiy in different ways but taking the broadest possible definition that seems appropriate to me; "The ability to think in new ways and produce novel ideas"
    I think, like so many things, some are born with a natural ability to be creative but this ability can be nurtured and increased or neglected and decrease though our experience.
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    Jun 27 2011: Some people are born with perfect pitch and can play and transpose music like you and I speak For the rest of us we can enjoy listening.

    We are each born with gifts(pre-dispositions) we can choose to ignore or develop. People will naturally steer themselves towards their gifting. If that cannot happen they will live unfulfilled lives.
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    Jun 27 2011: i am not sure , many genius have learn hard and much .