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Why are text-heavy presentation slides so common in the workplace?

I just finished reading Garr Reynold's book, Presentation Zen. It's great inspiration for anyone looking to deliver simpler, more effective presentations.

I've put his principles into action and am determined to continue to push further as the rewards are evident. It does make me sit back and wonder:

* Why is it acceptable to deliver text-filled presentations?

* Why isn't the art of storytelling on performance reviews?

* Why isn't this taught throughout our educational career?

* Isn't TED a proof point of how 18 well thought out minutes can make a difference?

* How can we start a movement to make it better?

I have some thoughts but would love to hear from you. Tag, you're it.


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    Jun 27 2011: People want to play it safe in front of their peers - any slip-up could cost you the next promotion. A script is percieved as a safety net. But if you talk about what you are passionate about you don't need a script no matter the number of listeners.

    So the conclusion is that maybe a lot of people are trying to play it safe in a boring job they can't afford to quit.
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      Jun 29 2011: You're probably right. The sad thing is that it may be hurting their job and/or the perception others have of them. I'm sure you could think of 10+ people who once you get a meeting invite from them re: an hour presentation, you immediately have a sense that it's going to be work on your part as you're in for lots of text/data/stream of consciousness.

      My conclusion...I can only control myself and am going to work like mad to resist old habits and present like a storyteller. I'll let you know how it goes (hopefully, I'll still have a job :)

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