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Is audible understanding better than the visual understanding?!

I think visually we are more intellectual rather than understanding it by some sound patterns.Although I am not saying that probing the universe in that way(collecting data in the form of sound) is totally wrong because it is an effective procedure to retrieve information from the earliest times of the universe.
But I think the main problem only arises when we try to interpret the data we have retrieved from the a radio or micro wave source as sound!! It becomes difficult for us to understand the conclusions,patterns etc., and decode them.Instead if we convert that data of sound in the visual pattern as we do in CYMATICS ,it becomes easier for a person to understand the pattern.By doing as such there are many advantages, as we can find the similarities between several patterns ,comparing, manipulating it for several purposes etc.
Thus i think it would be better for us if we convert the retrieved sound data into a visualistic pattern.

  • Jul 3 2011: In regards to perception I would say these are two different tools gathering and interpreting vibrational frequencies and one would not be better than the other since we do not know the full extent frequency ranges outside our normal perception effect our whole health. One point you brought up about microwaves and finding meaning is directly translatable to flashes of light, or infrared and other non-visual light sources. Sound waves could very well keep our bio and electrical fields in balance, allowing for great perception just as light waves could do the same. Sound also aids in brain processing as we see in binaural beats and entrainment and brings about understanding through a different mechanism than visual stimulus. The brain understands on this level and allows for processing of a lot of our visual information. I think learning and understanding have greater mechanisms at work to simply compare visual and auditory roles. Such a dynamic and self recurring system, I would ultimately think the two are much too greatly intertwined in the perception of those with both senses in 'working" order. Great question, got me thinking about how I use the two senses for understanding and comprehension not just seeing and hearing.
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    Jul 2 2011: Both have limitations.
    The visual meaning depends on how the observer and the party being observed interpret the meaning of what they are seeing. Everyone has different life experiences, so the meaning of what each person observes, will have different meaningful insights.

    Audible understanding depends on how the brain has learned how to interpret what is heard. I know someone who had hearing aids in both ears for most of his life, and recently purchased the newest hearing aid which allows him to hear without any mechanical interferences; however, he was shocked to realize, when his back is turned to the person in the same room with him, he could not understand what was being said - it sounded like non-language words to him, and when he turned around to see the person speaking, he understood them perfectly. He realized his brain was taught to hear and see at the same time. This becomes even more interesting because he could and still can understand words when using the telephone. ... so when he speaks to someone who is physically in a room with him, his brain learned to hear only one way - using both visual and audible senses as one.
  • Jul 1 2011: Yes.Of course the audible understanding is better the visual understanding because when you hear new information,the creativity develops in you but the process of audible hearing is slowly getting vanished in the field of education.For example,when a teacher speaks about the 3D drawing and its respective information then our brain automatically tries to establish the information according to the information that what he is saying.But in the present modern educational system, due to the process of visual teaching the art of creativity among the students is gradually decreased.In this case if a student is given or subjected to practical problem then he will not be able to solve it due to the lack of creative thinking.
    Now the people are demanding for creative teaching in the education but the educationalists are compromising the people but introducing the commercial value products such as smart classrooms.The people are being mesmerized by these types of commercial magics.
    "I think this will not improve the standard of creativity in the children but will improve the economical standard of the schools and their management".
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      Jul 1 2011: Thanks for your comment!!

      First of all, i need you to be more specific on your opinion that audible understanding is much better than the visual understanding.(In what way do you mean it?)

      Secondly, i want you to know that every child in our country is not capable to have a skill of developing visual reference in his mind when a teacher is explaining it to him.Most of them get confused when we implement a 3D drawing into a sheet of 2D paper.This results in the deterioration of his interest towards the subject.Moreover it is difficult to imagine some strange 3D drawings and few of the physics' topics( vectors like stuff ) to most of the people in 3D, so these smart classes train them how to visualize the concept that they are teaching, for better understanding by showing them few animations that how this concept really works!!
      As i have already told you that visual understanding is better than audible, it becomes easier for a student to memorize a picture which he had seen during a class and build up his sequence in detail rather than trying to memorize a speech on the topic which is pretty difficult to hang on with!!

      Finally, great inventors evolved from great observations not great speeches!!
      • Jul 2 2011: As you said "great inventors evolved from great observations not great speeches" , during those days they do not have any technological stuff such as smart class room.Either to say wright brothers invented airplane by just hearing from his neighbor that "No human being can fly except gods".According to your point observations leads to great inventions.Think of now generation students,they have seen many observations and not even a single student has invented a new thing but they are capable of discovering.My suggestion is bring creative teaching instead of visual teaching and audible teaching.
  • Jul 1 2011: No one is better than the other - they complement each other, though individual preferences will vary.
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    Jun 27 2011: When you read a book you have to use your brain to relate the writer's thought to your own exsperience.

    When you listen to a speech you have to follow at the orator's pace and hang on to every word - lest you miss an important clue for later.

    When you watch a video you can relate to concepts in space. A good example - try to teach people how to dance with a book or an audio-tape!

    Furthermore video allows illiterate people to watch the news or be entertained - it's all pre-digested - nothing to process of think about - and it gets to the core of your soul. That's why advertisers like to hypnotize us that way.